I Am, We Are by The Human Empire

The Human Empire

Band:The Human Empire

Album: I Am, We Are

Genre: Afro-Celtic Rock

Location: St. Paul, MN

Adam Azra’el – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Caiti Laszewski – Flute, Vocals

Michal Sinak – Vocals, Guitar, Whistle, Mandolin, Accordion, Bozouki

Daniel Brakke – Bass, Vocals

Doug Waguespack – Percussion

Fraser Wills – Percussion, Vocals

Rebecca Lynne – Violin, Vocals

Uchenna Chidozie – Cello, Violin, Vocals

Trevor Wiest – Guitar

Hymn like choruses, soaring melodies and devotional beauty are all found in the fantastic new world ensemble The Human Empire. We haven’t seen such ambitious project for a long time. Reminds me of what would happen if The Afro Celts make a reunion with the 80s New Wave band The Dream Academy.Yes this is the album I Am, We Are. Take note of that minimalist inspired artwork featuring a skinhead with a painted face.

The instruments are arranged to highlight the nuances of the recordings. But they are also made to sound powerful especially in the choruses of tracks. This is the same for vocals. The blend of all styles ranging from Celtic, African, Arabic, and Western Classical musical traditions and Rock create a collage that celebrate both the thunderous and gossamer beauty of music.

This is such an amazing feat. With the coming together of over sixty musicians, including the Henry Sibley Orchestra and various students and faculty from McNally Smith College of Music. That and  considering that they all came together to record something ‘insane.’ I wonder if they have an idea what would happen if this recording gets into the hands of many listeners. I have no doubt that this will create a spark and will truly be patronized for those who love something exotic.

The lead vocals remind me of the singing style of Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket. But at times when the blending of many voices, the atmosphere becomes so dense and explosive, you would think you are witnessing the birth a star.

From the alternative infused Cavalry , the Sting sounding White Light(amazing strings there),Peter Gabriel meets Jars of Clay Phoenix and a lot more along the way. You are definitely in for a sonic ride of your life.



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