Susan Borowski, Steel Clover

Steel Clover

The music of Susan Borowski would feel at home in the grand halls where people are in colorful flowing attires. There is something grand about her style that calls to mind the beauty of old music. She is a respected name in the Pittsburgh Celtic music circle. I don’t have one of her CDs yet but I am currently playing samples off her Reverbnation playlist on her official website.

Her music is happy and I can tell that Susan is a happy person where music plays a big part in her life. Thanks to her husband Jim for introducing her works to me via email. You see, blogging does connect people and music is the center of that. I find a great deal of inspiration from Susan’s life story, surviving cancer through the healing qualities of music. Miracles do happen if we believe.

Steel Clover is the name of her project. An interesting title. She mastered the fiddle and mandolin, guitars and vocals. Speaking of vocals, her Slovak/Ukrainian heritage shines through her recordings. Mixing those with Celtic music, resulted to something unique and fascinating. She is shown in pictures  with a mandolin or playing the fiddle.These are available via her website along with the music samples and link to her store.

I am listening to three tracks available : Veil of Sorrow, Queen of Clubs and My Love is Like a Red Red Rose. Take note of her past influences before stepping into Celtic music. You will hear their echos in her renditions. She has also tracks available via youtube. They are Down by the Salley Garden, Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears and As Christmas Day Draws Near. Try to hear them out and experience something different. Yes she doesn’t sound like anyone.

This is just an introduction to her artistry. As soon as I get the CD then I will review it for you. Yes I will let you know how it sounds like and what makes it fascinating. Susan Borowski is an inspiring artist. May her story touch everyone to acknowledge the healing powers of music. Please read this link to know more about her  story:

Music samples are here:



Sue’s love for performing music began at age ten in a Carpatho-Rusyn dance group, a sub-group of the Junior Duquesne University Tamburitzans. For three years she studied the music and traditions of her Slovak/Ukrainian heritage and performed her first solo on-stage at age eleven. In December of 2006 Sue gave her debut performance on the mandolin at the Melody Music Shop’s Holiday Showcase show at Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead, PA. In 2007 she met and auditioned with singer/solo artist, Matt Hughes of “Ar Eigean Gael”. Thus began her journey in the Celtic genre. After two years with Ar Eigean Gael, Sue joined the RichPatrick Celtic Music group as their fiddle and mandolin player, vocalist and guitarist. Sue enjoys playing in acoustic settings with friends around the City of Pittsburgh and most recently has ventured into a solo project under the name of “Steel Clover”.


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