Lexington Field: No Man’s War.


Band: Lexington Field

Album: No Man’s War


Beau Gray – Vocals, Guitar
Cami Smith – Violin
Bryan Hane – Lead Guitar
Casey Jones – Bass
Vincent West – Drums

Hometown: San Diego CA


Mixing Punk, Americana and the melodic strains of Celtic music: these are the things you can pick up when you listen to all Lexington Field albums. The band nod to both traditional and alternative rock crowd with their unique style and energetic tunes. I am enjoying NO MAN’S WAR for its uplifting quality as a whole. Yes there are awesome tracks like American Crow, Crazy Eyes, Dear Old Friend, Here’s To You, Pioneer and Lady Arlington. I am sure you will have your own personal favorites when you get this album. The official release is on May 28 so watch out for it Celtic music fans.

The strength of No Man’s War relies on both its fast and slow tunes. The ballads are always heart-melting. Beau Gray knows how to wield his fine vocal instrument to move the fist and hearts seamlessly: the power of aggressive tunes and the sentimental ballads. Cami Smith is a master in tying heartstrings with the violin which takes its own stage in this recording. A very expressive instrument from those fine hands. Kudos to Bryan Hane for delivering the power chords and also for making the guitar such an instrument with many shades. I dig drummers and this is why the efforts of Vincent West is hard to ignore. He keeps this recording in one piece. And last but not the least, the grooves master Casey Jones shines in most of the danceholic tracks and yes the album demands multiple plays.

No Man’s War closes with the memorable Bluegrass infused Tumble. ” Two years have passed where are we now.” You know, this is why I love Americana. There is an ample amount of humanity in the style and delivery. The lyrics are always worth reading.

I love No Man’s War. I hope you do too. It seduces a listener to get hold of every  Lexington Field release.


Lexington Field is an American Fiddle Rock band from San Diego, CA. Formed in 2009, they have played hundreds of shows across the United States. In 2011, they released their debut album, “Old Dirt Road”. This was quickly followed by their highly regarded EP,”Poor Troubled Life”, in 2012. Both albums are distributed through New Folk Records based out of Minnesota. Lexington Field is about to release their sophomore full length album, “No Man’s War”, in Spring of 2013. These San Diego Fiddle Rockers have shared the stage with awesome bands such as the Young Dubliners, Old Man Markley, The Mahones, The Tossers, Hoist The Colors, The Ramshackle Army, The Fisticuffs, The Langer’s Ball, Hounds of Finn, Brick Top Blaggers, and many more acts across the country! Lexington Field embraces the best of North American musical elements such as rock, punk, country, bluegrass, Americana and folk and mixes in a fiddle to capture a unique and memorable sound. Along with their high energy live show, they give their fans an amazing musical experience!

Lexington Field




It’s a wonderful weekend and I hope you are all taking time to refresh your minds with amazing music, beautiful scenes and good friends. Just as a reminder:

The awesome album from Kevin O’Donnell is now out for those who haven’t bought their copies yet.  This is a fantastic album. My aunt was telling me how she can relate to the stories in this recording because her husband was a Croatian immigrant to Australia. Kevin O’Donnell’s sentiments are universal and they speak for all.

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