Awesome New Album by The Celtic Reggae Revolution!

The Celtic Reggae Revolution

Anyone who picked up a copy of Paddyrasta’s album knows the great voice of Brian Gilligan. I am glad he continues his foray into the world of groove, sunshine and beaches in this amazing album ‘Everything comes to those who wait’ from Celtic Reggae Revolution. This album also features the talent of Northern Irishman Jarlath Henderson, dubbed as one of the finest exponents of the uilleann pipes in the world, he  also plays, low whistle, tin whistle, flute and cittern in addition to having a fine voice.

I love the consistency of this album. This is Irish music meets Jamaican beats. And yes, according to history: There have long been connections between Ireland and Jamaica: 350 years ago, after the defeat of Irish rebels by Oliver Cromwell’s army, thousands of young Irish boys and girls were forcibly transported to Jamaica to work as indentured servants. Many of the Irish ended up working   alongside black African slaves, in similar conditions, on the plantations. Read more here:

This an album for all party people and corporate ones trying to unwind after a long day’s work. You can dance, sway or just relax and let the beautiful vocals and instruments wash over you. An album of fine beauty and excellent production. Speaking of production, Celtic Reggae Revolution was mastered by U2’s engineer Pete Maher of Top Floor Music.

I love the instrumental Ghandi’s Triumph. You will love everything here. The opening track My Sweet Child is winning. There are reggae renditions of traditional tracks like the well loved ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’ and ‘Spancil Hill.’  And yes the original tunes are also going to be classic on their own because they are really really fantastic! Take note of the sweet female voice in the duets.

Musicians who have featured with the Celtic Reggae Revolution include Jarlath Henderson (Uileann pipes, Low whistle), Martin MacDonald (Acoustic Guitar), Aly Salam (Drums and Percussion), Moya Sands (Vocals), Spider Mackenzie (Harmonica), Brian Gilligan (Vocals, Banjo, Mandola, Guitar and programming), Tom Roche (Button Box) and backing vocalists Becka Gauld, Laura Asensio Plaza and Jayne Carmichael.

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