The Folkalists: Warning, Irish Humor at Work!

The Folkalists
The Folkalists

Genre: Irish and contemporary folk, bluegrass and country

Members: Dee McIlroy, Eugene Glenn, Barry Skeff

Hometown: Belfast

It’s hard for me to listen to The Folkalists without giggling. From afar, the music maybe pleasant, warm and even inviting because of the efforts placed in the arrangements.  Up near you get the lyrical wit and sarcasm that’s original. Listen to ” I Used To Hate Someone” with lines like ” I never liked a single hair on his head, I never liked one thing that he said.” My personal favorite is  Friends Must because the melody reminds me of a cross between BJ Thomas and Travis.

These are not your run-of-the-mill  band members. We are talking about musicians who are known in their own respective fields and just decided one day to form a musical project together. It is great to see them exploring another musical style to showcase their versatility.

I know some of them from Clanu which I enjoyed featuring. With The Folkalist, the band incites everyone into the sunny side of life and yes to appreciate humor in every form. This is where music and lyrics come together to draw a reaction. Dee McIlroy’s lyrical talent is really at work in every track on top of his smooth and pleasant vocal delivery.

For the now  the members are still the in the process of putting tracks together and developing a full-length album which will be out before we know it. So enjoy the tracks and also say hi to the band via their facebook site.



Gaelic Storm
Gaelic Storm

About Gaelic Storm

This July they’re running “Rag and Bone Workshop,” their own 4-day music camp at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills, NY.  The week will be filled with classes teaching classes fiddle, percussion, guitar, songwriting, Gaelic swearing and more.  It will be a week of learning, performing, and of course…drinking.
There’s even a possibly running a CD giveaway from the band promoting the camp. I will keep you updated about this Rag and Bone Workshop.
Check out more information on the camp here
Thanks to Elliot Fox for contacting me about this info.

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