Self-Titled Debut by Maxim Cormier

Maxim Cormier

The debut album by Max Cormier forms a cuspate between traditional and original tunes. He does this with seamless transition and freshness.

Artist: Maxim Cormier

Album: Maxim Cormier

Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tracks :  1. In Anticipation 2. Fathers Know Best 3. Danielle 4. Tunes With Dad 5. Home 6. Hornpipes for Uncle Joe 7. Mezquida 8. Fork in the Road 9. Big Sampie’s Reel 10. Le Grand Boulanger De L’est 11. Morisson’s


Like  early morning dew that drips from a leaf, the debut album by young Canadian guitarist Maxim Cormier reflects freshness. The self-titled album Max Cormier has eleven tracks. There is a consistent sunny atmosphere that runs through all the tracks in the album. I can sum up the album with the following: impressive, exciting, relaxing and beautiful.

I suggest for those who just got their own copies of this album to listen to it twice before putting it back to the CD case. You will find out why I ask you this. In the meantime Max Cormier ensures to please people of all types whiter you like Jazz, Rock, New Age or Trad tunes. There is nothing to disapprove since he is very respectful of traditional tunes but still adds his own signature no matter how subtle it is.

He guarantees not to be a covers man since this album is composed of six original tracks and two as part of the medley. He is able to mix his original tunes with traditional tracks. Everything blends seamlessly in fluid collection.

Track 7 (Mezquida) is a personal favorite because it is the best guitar soliloquy I’ve heard in ages. This is where notes attain moments of pure bliss. The pattern they make turns into an aural painting of sorts. This track sums up the term simplicity is beauty. This is followed by another original composition  Fork in the Road. Another pleasure to listen to. This is not to say that I only picked two out of the eleven tracks as favorites. In fact, everything in this album is a gem of its own.  I am sure that once you take a listen to this album several times you will have your own favorites.

Max Cormier is now an important name in the world of instrumental tunes. Have a listen, enjoy and take these tunes with you as a source of inspiration to lighten up your mood when you are sad.

Big thanks to Craig Hamm of for recommending this wonderful artist.


Having played guitar since he was 11 years old, Cormier, a student of guitar performance at Dalhousie University, now balances his days as a fulltime student, solo guitarist, composer and freelancing musician. Cormier’s dedication to instrumental guitar, both with the use of a pick or in pure finger style, is beautifully captured in his self-titled 2012 release Maxim Cormier. Get his debut album on iTunes now.


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Czech Republic based Celtic band Poitín has a shirt out! Yes it’s looks really cool. According to Celtophilia Tee Company

“This is the first Poitín shirt to come out of production. I’m completely in love with it. I’ll have one of my own soon, guaranteed.”

first Poitín shirt to come out of production.
first Poitín shirt to come out of production.

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