Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi by Barbarian Pipe Band

Album: Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi

Band: Barbarian Pipe Band

Hometown: Biella, Italy

There comes a time when you just want a single type of instrument to stand up. And also everything that’s  composed around and about it. This is the case of The Barbarian Pipe band. Pure bagpipe richness dipped in spices and good to the heart. And the music comes big drums. Of course loud music like this needs something to set the balance.

Be warned. This is loud. For those who expect something sweet and gentle would rather be somewhere else. But if you like your sound loud , hot, kicking and enveloping then Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi is your thing. best played outside with bonfires, friends around and hardcore Celtic partying.

My picks are Ruvida because of its warlike energy amidst its tribal beauty. Those pounding the drums really know how to make your brain heat up with primal appreciation. in Nutri-Ego we get a gong like sound with a little ‘broadcast feed.’ There are other tracks worth noting but I really don’t pay attention to the title because once it starts you just get lost to the sounds. A true charmer o an album for those who want their bagpipes to shine like crazy diamonds!

Barbarian Pipe Band



The booming music of Barbarian Pipe Band overwhelms audiences of all Europe since 2001 (see the band’s CV).
Archaic sounds and modern arrangements solve space and time into powerful trance, wild dancing and deep emotions. Playing on stages, streets, theaters, churches, feasts, motor gatherings, weeding parties, rock festivals these five musicians fit everywhere from medieval-folk to metal-rock contests.

Barbarian Pipe Band propose two types of shows. Amplified or acoustic.
Acoustic show can be on stage or everywhere.
The amplified one has to be on stage and is followed by their own sound engineer.
Both shows may be enriched by live visual performance.






Hello friends. Weekend is here. How are you doing? Life has been hectic here. There’s rain too.Yay!

Ok first of all I want to give a shout out of congratulation to Breton singer/songwriter Dom Duff who released his album today called Babel Pow Wow. A review will follow soon. I love this project because I’ve followed this while it was being created and even sent Dom videos for his use to promote the album. Again if you see this album, have a listen and buy it. It’s really a wonderful effort. Here’s the link about the album:

Picture of the day:

Click for bigger image’s my view of what will be the biggest crowd of me life … 2000 odd LA downtowners. Onstage in a couple of hours. Supporting Dropkick Murphys and their crazy punk fans! -Andy Slim Black

Here’s an EPK to remind you of this week’s featured band Enter the Haggis


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