Elva MacGowan: Cry Me A River (a single from forthcoming EP ‘Secret Love’)

Elva MacGowan Secret Love
Elva MacGowan

Yes folks Elva MacGowan is returning, this time with an EP called Secret Love. As the title suggests, expect standards, silky vocal delivery and exquisite musicianship. According to her:

“I have just recorded a single (Cry Me A River) taken from my forthcoming EP Secret Love.”

What can we expect from Secret Love?

“I am  blending my knowledge of vocal performance with my love of old time jazz standards and traditional Irish accompaniments.

Who are the talents involved? You will be pleased: traditional musicians Donncha Moynihan on Guitar and Karl Nesbitt on Low Whistle and Bodhran.

Arthur Hamilton’s ‘Cry Me A River’ is a unique cover because it features traditional Irish instruments by traditional musicians. Elva MacGowan’s Celtic music projects are widely acclaimed and supported by peers in the industry. And this single is a testament to that fine artistry and control. I love other types of music and Jazz influenced my growing up. To have it in the same room as Traditional Irish music is such a wild thing!

“And now you say you love me…

and just to prove you do,

you can cry me a river..

The way she sings it: total catharsis!

More here: http://www.elvamacgowan.com/



The Spirit of Ireland

How’s your Sunday folks? I want to give a big shout out to my friend The Wild Irish Poet Alan Cooke. It’s his birthday today. I also read in advance the copy of his new book The Spirit of Ireland(An Odyssey Home) . The cover above is just a possible cover as nothing is decided yet. I will be publishing my review soon and I got important quotes from this book. Anyway here’s the trailer:

 The Scottish New Music Awards

The Scottish New Music Awards: If you have any UK artist whom you think deserves and award, then go ahead and submit your nomination to http://www.scotmusicawards.co.uk/index.html

It is great to open up emails over coffee and so I had this conversation with artist Eve Williams who lives in Northern Ireland. She’s the one who actually talked about the link. According to her:

I really like the idea… coz nowadays music is not just about what’s in the charts. There are some great independent artists and they contribute to their local communities by playing and getting people out to hear them! The music industry in Northern Ireland is woeful. Hardly any venues, no publishers… the republic is better.


6 Replies to “Elva MacGowan: Cry Me A River (a single from forthcoming EP ‘Secret Love’)”

  1. Love this version of Cry Me a River with that tin whistle!! Alan’s feel for Ireland is so rough and lovely at the same time. For those of us with Ireland coursing through our veins whether we be first generation Americans, or sixth our melancholy hearts long for the imperfection of the spirit of the land – but for me it is for the look and almost the taste of the land itself. I went in 2011, and I yearn for it still. Lovely, Alan.


    1. Yes and I am sure there will be those who will be touched with this song as they go through crying rivers hahahaha. Thanks for dropping by. I am looking forward to her EP so I can review it here.


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