Tehilim Celtic Rock: Back to the New

Album: Back to the New

Band: Tehilim Celtic Rock

Genre: Celtic, rock and folk

Location: Brazil

Members: César Ricky (eletric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocal) and Jackie M. Mendes (tin whistles, low whistles and vocals), and some friends!


  • When I survey the Wondrous Cross
  • Close to you
  • Panic
  • Build Me Up Again
  • With All My Soul
  • Wherever you Go
  • Saved My Soul
  • Two Little Princesses
  • Carried Me
  • Follow the Way
  • I’m Not Condemned
  • Nearer My God to Thee

Back to the New bolted out of the gates upon its release via Noisetrade.  Noisetrade is one of the most accessible sites to showcase bands of all genres . For this Brazilian band to spotlight their work internationally is a great thing. After all, the sound of Tehilim is really something that American and UK listeners will embrace. All tracks are sung in English. I dig the influences: Iona,  Moya Brennan, The Corrs,  John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow and others.

Most of the compositions in Back to the New is built around the guitar flourishes of César Ricky Mendes who is also the band’s lead vocalist. Jackie Mendes plays the whistles and backing vocals. The couple has four album credits . There are three guest musicians who played in Back to the New  for the bass, drums and other instruments.

The music of Back to the New reminds me of American Southern Rock with  an arena packed energy. It is a kind of music that’s best to be played live and in a wide setting as opposed to something intimate.  The vocals are robust with remarkable range. Most of topics in back to the New revolves around Christianity, soul searching and finding meaning in life. I think I can label this album safely as  Celtic Christian Rock album with mainstream appeal. I also think they are better known as Tehilim Celtic Rock as opposed to just Tehilim. That way people who pick up the recordings will have an idea what to expect.

Consider track 7 Saved my Soul as an example:

Lord, you saved my soul
And gave me hope
You loved me so
And made me new
Lord, I want to know
Who needs your love
And save their soul
And make them new
You saved my soul,
Saved my soul
Don’t let me go without your love
You saved my soul,
Saved my soul
I sing for all, you saved my soul.

It’s also the most Irish sounding track in the entire album.

Lyrically, think of early Moya Brennan albums like Perfect Time and Whisper to the Wild Water meeting up with Jars of Clay and you will appreciate each Tehilim releases. Although the content of the album is Christian-centric, Tehilim  is never preachy which makes it accessible to all ears even if you are not a Christian. And yes in the end it is the beautiful music that’s worth listening to again and again which is actually what universal love is all about: embracing all and pleasing all. You can download the album via Noisetrade.





Hi there folks and welcome to our Saturday edition. This is what happens when you put things aside and then realize you have things piled up at the last minute. So, let me bring you great tunes once more and also recommendation. And please don’t be shy. If you have anything to share, use the comment thread of this post and post your own stuff. Be the blogger too!

Donal and Mick McCague: These two brothers are always popping up in my newsfeed so I finally got a good video to showcase their amazing instrumental talents. Donal (Fiddle) and Mick (Guitar) pay a set of reels at the all Ireland Fleadh in Cavan in August 2011.Check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-8imeWmCKY

Yes I wrote a review about this amazing album from way back: Everything in this album bumps and pulses. No need for you to think deep thoughts. Just the pure fun of knowing that Black 47 is there to shake your day into burst of ecstatic energy. Buy it here: http://www.black47.com/

Another album lovers of Irish music should not miss: Memory Lane is an album worth of repeated listens. It’s a collection of tracks that sound familiar to everyone Irish or not, but given a new life and freshness by The High Kings. This is just their second album but it looks like they have achieved a lot. These guys know their stuff. They are real musicians with real instrumental talents. They are seasoned vocalists and their individuality shines in every track. They are also charismatic figures that looks good on your CD library. I am pleased to own this album. In terms of production, the album shimmers with clarity and lushness of sound. Buy it here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Memory-Lane-High-Kings/dp/B0036V0VPY

I am still enjoying this gem:

Expect to hear instrumental arrangements that were made popular during that time. I am a fan of harpsichord and recorders and they’re highlighted here! What I love about  the recording is the variety . You hear English Country dances, James Oswald, Matthew Locke, Traditional Scots Tunes, Traditional Irish and so much more.

The tunes are lively and melodic. I should also mention that I adore the packaging of the album especially the very informative liner notes. Buy it here: http://www.musicapacifica.org/recordings.html#


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