Tyde: Punchy, danceable and intricate


Band: Tyde

Genre: Folk


Heather Gessey – fiddle/vocals
Seth Tinsley – guitars/vocals
Andrew Waite – piano accordion

Hometown: Newcastle

Album: ‘The Hidden Spoon’ released February 2013!

Thirty seconds into the Hidden Spoon, and I knew already that Tyde has something special to offer to discriminating ears. Their brand of electro folk and textured sound have something to do with their Newcastle environment. Mesmerizing melodies, angelic male and female vocals are just few of the many qualities you can find when you listen to Tyde. They have mastered the art of groove. They are also well acquainted with modern music and they use various styles to create their own original sound.

Most of the songs have folk goodness coupled with interesting samples and loops. They are true to what they are known for: creating punchy, danceable and intricate tunes. It is no wonder they’re part of the finalists in the BBC Radio2 Young Folk Awards in 2008. The music is rooted to the spirit of British Isles. Its brilliance is all over the tracks and the haunting qualities of these tracks are the things that make Tyde special even to those who are not into Celtic music. Fresh, modern and dynamic. The ever-changing soundscapes and moods that their songs evoke upon the listeners are here to stay and will be enjoyed through generations.



Tyde are a 3 piece that draw upon influences from every corner of the British Isles and beyond to deliver music and song that is dynamic, fresh and quite brilliantly played. In 2008, as finalists in the BBC Radio2 Young Folk Awards they captured the hearts of the live and broadcast audience. Then through several club and festival appearances in 2009 they began to build a strong following with their great sets and infectious onstage character. Tyde’s hotly anticipated debut album was launched in spring 2010 by Mrs Casey Records.

“Three brilliant players with a musical maturity way beyond their years. Their music goes straight to the heart of the audience, with an appeal second to none. A must for a concert venues. Pure Joy.” Tom McConville

“The best young band I’ve heard in years” Mike Harding – BBC Radio2

“Fantastic musicianship… If I could play like them now I’d be very happy, If I could play like them when I was their age I’d probably be living in the Bahamas!” Damien Barber – The Demon Barbers

“Watch out Lau!” Spiral Earth



Surprise? I know it’s not even a few days and I have this post.  Something occurred to me today. I told myself why wait? Why put a schedule in what I do? When I feel like writing then write. I am prolific (hahaha) that’s why I blog in three more sites other than the two that I already own. Yes my brain has that capacity, so why limit it? So expect that I would no longer be putting numbers to what I do. This is me and I live my life free.

The Wild Irish Poet Alan Cooke has been a subject of online interviews including a radio show where he guested and talked about his writings. And this is the link to that show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aww1/2013/03/27/alan-cooke-irish-emmy-winning-writer-actor-filmmaker

Well, he has his own program where he interviews people in all walks of life. The conversation is up an hour-long and it’s a spot on type of thing. And this is where this other side of him, the media side really shines. http://thewildhourshow.wordpress.com/

Blair Dunlop

Click for details

Blair Dunlop is our next interview artist to be featured here. Ok no more surprises. I am letting you know what to expect this early.

Click for details

if you haven’t yet, now is your chance to add something to unique to your collection of Celtic albums. Sahara is a duo of Singer/Songwriters Trish and Dave Long. They are based in Mornington Peninsula, that’s in Australia and they’re originally from Ireland. I have their new CD A New Beginning and I really enjoyed  it and continues to do so.

Micka O’Brien – The Ballad of the Downtrodden: Always a pleasure to discover young artists through recommendations of friends. This time we have Micka O’Brien and recommended by CMF’s best pal John Breen:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Gsy7Y0SWaU&feature=youtu.be

Follow him through facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MickaOBrienMusic

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill performing together. Wow what an amazing performance. According to Enda Seery:” I could listen to this all day!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96bKIE37gwQ


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