Darren Lynch, Penn Du and Bobby Sands

Darren Lynch is Back! And he has now the title “novelist” on top of his being a musician.

Remember the duo The Feekers that released  Tarbolten?  I blogged about them before. Well looks to me that Darren Lynch is doing great musically on his own. He is really blossoming  and getting his music out there. I had a memorable Q&A with the Feekers which you can read here.

Darren Lynch is both  a folk musician and author. He is based in Dublin, Ireland. His repertoire is kind of extensive.They are f folk songs from Ireland, Scotland, England and America. The Instruments played are bouzouki, banjo, mandola, harmonica and bodhran.
His  has played in such bands as The Broadside Merchants, So-Ranna, The Feekers and currently plays solo. His first novel, The Man You Don’t Meet Everyday, is due to be published this year, 2013!

Darren Lynch has a fantastic voice along with being a fine instrumentalist. I am looking forward to his novel.


Breton Rock with Penn Du

If you are in the mood for some feet stompin’ Celtic rock then listen to Penn Du. I came across them through Google+ I love the clean recording of the bagpipes. I also like the full energy that the band provides all throughout their tracks. There is something about their chord progression. It gives their sound a kind of metal appeal. I usually associate these minor chords with black metal but yes this style is also predominant in Breton music. The band knows how to knit sensual grooves over their big sound. This is definitely a crowd pleaser. More appropriate for arena setting than small venues. Elements of ska and jazz also sneak in and out seamlessly. What a joy it is to listen to something energetic that is Penn Du!

More here:






A lot of people in my network are posting about the late Bobby Sands. So I guess this is the Bobby Sands awareness day. I am aware that actor Michael Fassbender has portrayed the life of Bobby Sands. There are tributes floating out there. I am going to pick one up. It is by my friend The Wild Irish Poet a.k.a. Alan Cooke. We joked about his voice as gold. I said I should steal him now and place him inside a safe with complex number combination. Then sell him off for lots of $$$$! Oh the crazy things we talk about sometimes. He made this video. He is fund of making video presentations. His book Naked in New York is out now. I am advertising it on the right side of this site. Check it out, buy it and then read it. I already did and I love it!


A beautiful poem by Bobby Sands..’ The Rhythm of Time’ a poem that has echoed around the world. Read by Irish Emmy winning writer actor and filmmaker Alan Cooke aka Wild Irish Poet go to www.wildirishpoet.com

Ok if you haven’t yet, I recommend the EP of NUA. Yes I praised them in this blog and I got quoted in their site:

“Confidence, experimentation and cohesiveness are traits of what a good album should have-and they are all here. If they are able to come up with a sound so full in this 4 track EP, just imagine what a complete album would be like. You would be missing a huge part of your musical life if you don’t get this EP!”

“NUA came up with an auspicious debut in a form of an EP. It gives us the taste of what this trio can offer not just today but also in future releases. These are clean, crisp tunes that sparkle with precision and showmanship. The audio quality is something get excited about. The surface sound of every instrument is captured giving us a degree of nuance and atmosphere.”

“Jacob McCauley’s bodhran becomes emotive, giving us an impression that this percussion has finally reached its tonal height and is capable of being a lead instrument.”

It feels good to be quoted! You should check out what Tony Lawless wrote about them via TradConnect. You know these artists, those that I met and yet to meet…they make my world do the boogie. If only I own The House of Medici then I’d be a patron of the arts.

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