St. Bridget’s Weekend Trivia and Celtic Album Giveaway

Featuring: Caliorne from France, Holland and Palmley podcast, Peace of the Countryside and more useful links below. Be sure to check.

Happy St. Brigid’s Festival everyone. We have a great weekend filled with music news from our musician friends all over the world. What’s on the menu? We have a transcript of a conversation I had with Dave Palmley of the Holland and Palmley dou. We have an album artwork preview of Trad whistle/flute player Enda Seery. Then I want to introduce you to a French band playing Celtic rock music that is fascinating


as it is beautiful!

Celtic Twist Podcast and album giveaway.

Ok first on the line:I had an energetic  discussion with Dave Palmley of the Holland- Palmley duo (also known as Celtic Twist ) regarding their guest appearance at the Celtic Music Radio. I have heard of their studio and youtube uploads but I haven’t heard them in a natural environment which includes being interviewed by a DJ and also playing impromptu. This news about their recent radio gig was a pleasant surprise and I asked Dave about it. For those who are curious about this show, here’s the link:

Dave: Just got back from Glasgow where we were playing a live session on Celtic Music Radio for Celtic Connections…if you missed it live but want to hear it anyway you can catch up later by clicking on this link! It’s the second “Live from Celtic Connections Friday 1 February” that you see on the page…there’s an announcement and one song before our set starts

Baxter:Listening to your segment now. You both sound good.

The guys from the radio were really nice!

I am listening to the first track you played live. Phil  has a nice  speaking voice. Dave you have a wonderful accent too.

The Lancashire! Phil’s voice is, after years spent travelling, a sort of generic British with hints of God only knows.

She sounds almost American!

Yikes really? Crikey!

Yes very pleasant. Sometimes she sounds Irish.Hard to tell at times

Actually Baxter, when Phil played in America in the 80s she was made an honorary citizen of the town of Towanda Pennsylvania and she did perform for president Reagan on the White House lawn (but she tries to keep very quiet about that).

OH wow that is a nice trivia! Great to hear that. This proves to be a great show with both of you.

Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Now I hear Phil singing. Unbelievable. She has this natural audio mixed in her throat!

Thanks! She was worried that she sounded terrible…she’ll be glad to hear your words of encouragement.

At first I thought it wasn’t live because it sounded so pristine. The microphone loves her.

We’re hoping that a few people will hear it and want to join us here on Facebook…

Well this is a fantastic show. First time for me to hear you both speak live and perform live as well. You should do more radio guesting.

Thank you…we may well do that!!! we were a bit nervous but now we’ve tried it we’ll be fine to do it again.

You had an amazing debut and I don’t notice signs of nervousness! In fact you both sound like you have been doing this for a long time. Very natural.

Good to hear that! We will be popping off now for a walk down to the castle with Moony the dog…maybe we’ll see you later!

Cool. I will continue listening. Phil is explaining about the The Wild Geese . See ya!

See ya

The Celtic Music Fan would  like offer a free copy of Twist in the Tale to the winner of a competition which will start next week. This is how it goes. All you need to do is find an answer to a question which will be asked at the end of an article. This will take place next week. I will present a question and all you need to do is go to their official website to look for the answer. A winner will be announced at the end of this month.  Phil and Dave could send it directly to you with a short note of congratulations. How’s that? For those who are new to this album, here is the link to the review I did back in June 27 of 2012.


Enda Seery album coming soon. Album artwork revealed.

Somewhere late December, Irish instrumentalist Enda Seery announced that he is working on a new album. If you remember in my previous article, I mentioned about the new tracks and also the fact that in this sophomore album, he will be singing for the first time. IT is quite a bold step for someone who has started his niche as a player of tin whistle. But I think this is eventually something he would be doing. As an English and Irish teacher, he has been using his vocal capabilities and singing is just another logical step. The album is doing fine .

You can read all about it here:

Gallery:Recording for Síocháin na Tuaithe, Black Rose Studio


Caliorne – Celtic rock band from France‏

Members: Daniel – Batterie
François – Cornemuses, Veuzes, Binious & Clarinette diatonique
Hugues – Guitare électro-acoustique 12 cordes
Kevin – Guitare électrique
Olivier – Clavier & Bombarde
Patrick – Basse

Genre: Rock celtique, Celtic Rock, Fest-Noz

Here is an amazing band from France fusing rock and traditional music. The result is an electrifying blend of soaring melodies focusing on the beauty of the bagpipes. There is one track that I heard for the first time the notes being bent. Francois the piper really knows the capabilities of the instrument and making sure it is showcased to the fullest. There is that familiar Breton beat all over and also the melancholic flavour that is typical of Breton music. However these are balanced by the electrifying arrangement and fusion of mainstream rock styles.

More about them here:



More links

Just talked to John Ryan via linked in. Linked in is amazing in bringing people together who have common interests. Anyway I am listening to samples of The Dublin City Ramblers and they make good sounding music! Have a sample:) This is the fb band page to those who are curious


Sharing the page of one of Celtic Music Fan’s interview alumni and featured artist Andrew “Slim” Black 🙂


From Paddy Ryan : Don’t know if you heard of them, but the Ryans Band won two awards at the Irish music awards, there website is and they are also on facebook.


Attention: Celtic musicians in Indianapolis, Craig Stonebraker of Murphy’s Steakhouse looking for entertainers on march 16th for St pats celebration. Venues: murphys steakhouse & murphys pubhouse Fishers & Indianapolis In.Phone: 317-545-3707
Fax: 317-545-3766 Email:


Irish Music Group via Linkedin:

This is an amazing group I found in linked in. For months my linkedin was really boring until I found people in my niche. And this is one energetic group right now. I encourage you to join. I met new friends there including Skot Cranmore of 67 Music!


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