Celtic Music Whimsy

In this edition:  Enda Seery, Fraser Fifield, Celtic Twist/Holland and Palmley, The Picts, Irish Music Ottawa Blog, and 9 Celtic music videos from youtube!

Videos: Seth Lakeman-Race to be King, Loreena McKennitt-Dante’s Prayer, Fraser Fifield- ‘Drawing Maps’, Rachel Hair Trio-Tsunami Jack, Eluveitie-Inis Mona, Enya-Book of Days, The Chieftains/Sean Keane-Drowsy Maggie, Seamus Ennis-An Poc Ar Buile and Ashley Macisaac-News Show in Japan.

Night Swimmers III by Eva McCauley
Night Swimmers III by Eva McCauley

How I got saved by a 16-year old artist!

I have a confession. Around Monday of last week, I was getting anxious because I usually have the Artist of the Week ready for publishing every the next day. But everyone was busy due to the holiday rush and no one was able to commit. Yours truly was experiencing panic. When I set a schedule, I stick to it not because I have a boss. After all, I own this site, no one pays me to write and I don’t earn my living by blogging. It is my passion for Celtic music and musicians that drive the itch. I have no partner in this. The same goes for my other blog Sphere Music. I do everything from ground up including the design and the decision of what I am going to feature next.

If you want to be part of my upcoming artist of the week, it is so simple. I get my recommendation from (your)peers in the music scene. Also, when I set my sights on you, then you get to be featured here. I write for the readers but I also write for the musicians. It is a practical thing to do. It helps musicians get to know other talents and this could be beneficial if they are looking for someone to jam with when they are in another country. From England, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Man, North America and other parts of the world, I have started building a network of artists. I feel like a super spider! Bloggers have the passion to keep the music scene alive. We are the Rolling Stones, Hot Press and Billboard magazine of Celtic music-well maybe not your typical journalism major but I try to make it interesting as much as possible.

Now we were talking about the incident last week right? Well it was the 16 year old Quinn Bachand who saved me. He’s the one who’s able to commit and he did an interesting interview! You can read this week’s interview about him to know more.

So what do we have for the start of the year?

Síocháin na Tuaithe Preview (New Album from Enda Seery in 2013)

Enda Seery is very excited about the release of his second album scheduled this year. He sent me demo clips of the few album tracks and they sound really amazing even in their rough states. I am sure the finished album will be fantastic.

16 tracks of Traditional Irish Music and Song… Coming soon in 2013!



A Flurry of Recordings from Fraser Fifield

Guess who is hardworking this year and last year in the world of Traditional and Jazz music? Fraser Fifield is everywhere. Here is a nice article where he appeared: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/music/music-news/scottish-jazz-federation-launch-tours-1498666  He recently got his left arm broken. Get well soon Fraser!


My House by Celtic Twist/Holland and Palmley

From Phil and Dave: “Everyone has a dream…however small, however simple…as long as its your dream and it makes you happy”.

This is a beautiful song!I like how Phil’s vocal style has evolved. It is softer and warmer now. I really love these guys. I mean they are not just part of my favorite circle of Celtic musicians but they also full of love and support. Wonderful friends and wonderful musicians. Such a rare combination.


The Picts New Year Concert

Check out the photos from Douglas McQueen Hunter and the rest of  The Picts.


Irish Music Ottawa Blog

I am proud to represent one of my peers from Canada. This is one of the most comprehensive sites I have ever seen. If you are in a band, an avid Irish music listener, if you are looking for gigs or want to know what’s going on, check this site. According to Craig who runs Irish Music Ottawa: This not-for-profit webpage provides links to primarily Ottawa Valley, and Irish Traditional Music (ITM), activities in, or within a few hours of the Ottawa / National Capital Region of Canada.  Music is a shared experience between musicians and the audience. That’s the spirit!



The rest of my facebook posts:

I love posting videos on facebook because I am driven by the mood of the moment and the kind of music that suits that mood. I was looking back and I already posted a lot this week so I am sharing this with you in case we are not facebook friends. Just to give you an idea what I thought were hot music!

Happy New Year!!!


4 Replies to “Celtic Music Whimsy”

  1. I love Celtic Twist! Had to start here because they always seem to inspire me. Fraser’s piece, “Alone at Last,” is catchy and I personally love it!!

    The painting in the beginning is mysterious and has a quality that draws me in. Almost like there is a person there, with the shadows of past and future standing alongside.

    Seth is riveting with the beat that echoes in his fiddle and I love his voice alongside it all. Really grand!

    The snippets of the artists featured – Loreena, Enya, the Chieftains, Seamus, and my favorite crazy man Ashley MacIsaac, and all the others are simply a lovely way to taste and explore the tastes of the Celtic sounds today as well as in the past. Love the entry!! 🙂


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