The Celtic Music Fan’s Solemn Christmas Wish for 2013

This one goes to the fallen ones who are not spending what we call an ideal image of Christmas.

I know this is the season to be Merry. Yes I tried as much as I can to stay true to the spirit by having my Christmas Eve spent with family members and the practice of  austerity. This greeting and salutation go to all my friends who are listeners and to the musicians themselves who made this page colorful, and without whom The Celtic Music Fan would not exist.

My heart goes to the FALLEN ones who are not celebrating Christmas like anyone else. These are those who are either spending their days contemplating the loss of loved ones due to tragedies or to circumstances beyond their control. My heart goes to you. Be aware that you are not alone. I too have my share of sad moments. And though I am not articulating them in this page we  are all sharing the same paths in this crazy thing called life.

I think it is time to let go of what binds you. For when you feel anger and pain then change will never happen. It is time to close the door and let another one open. I think 2013 is a good year for us. It is a year of change and opportunities. Yes pain is great but love is also powerful and I think it is the one thing that can save us. For someone who has probably undergone so many let downs, disappointments and insane situations, I have become more patient and self-reliant.  I will hold on the what gives me fulfillment, balance and clarity. Blogging has done this. And it is through the thought that I am speaking to each one of you, getting into your hearts and thoughts whatever part of the world you maybe, this is enough for me.

Honestly I didn’t know how to continue after my first sentence above because it seems fake. It seems pretentious to be pleasant and just talk about music when the world is falling to pieces. Music is what gives us joy and strength to go on. Without music and the humanity inside it then life would be mechanical. I believe musicians don’t just make music for themselves. They make music as a way to reach out to people. To touch strangers all over the world. And this is part of our humanity. Wither we like it or not, we are all connected. I feel your sadness as you feel mine.

With this year coming to a close and a new one beginning, I implore you to be more giving, more open, more sympathetic because we don’t know if the strangers we meet along the way are  walking wounded or  hollowed inside brought about by the chunks of wood in which we crucify people:WORDS. Or they must have experienced tragedy which you are not aware of .

Let us help one another to be more human. Thank you for your continued support and I promise to bring you more music news and love.  Cheers!


6 thoughts on “The Celtic Music Fan’s Solemn Christmas Wish for 2013

  1. Bax,
    I am working backward this year! 😀 I was taking in the Breath of God, and was so moved by it’s sound and pictures that it made me cry! I don’t think we contemplate that idea often enough. As a poet I’ve read said, “His scent is on the airs of Spring, take Him into your heart with each breath and be.”

    Enya, of course is fabulous, and hearing her sing this carol in Irish is extra special for me.

    And of course Windham Hill always does a grand job of almost anything they record. Totally lovely piece.

    The incomparable Loreena can do no wrong with any song she does in my book. She has such a fabulous voice (and the tune is so familiar as I’ve heard it a bit faster in the song “The County Down.”). I’ve not heard this before and it done to perfection!


    • I feel the same way about Breath of God. I find that such style is rare these days. This essay is actually my little tribute to people who experienced tragedy this Christmas. In my country a lot of people perished due to the storm. And I feel for the Americans and what happened to the children in the school shooting. These events lock us together in shared pain regardless of culture and Geography. I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s festivities by writing something sad but there will always be a little corner in our hearts reserved for everyone.


        • Thanks for your feedback Christi. Yes I agree with you. Those who experience how it felt like to have nothing are people who are more understanding and considerate towards other. I know how it feels to have the carpet pulled underneath and I am sure there are people who felt like that this season. It is great to be alive and to reflect on what we should be thankful about in the midst of loss. All is not lost. Hope is just around the bend. Happy New Year.


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