American Irish Music:Damien McCarron of the Indulgers and Mile High Celtic Hour (Interview)

Also in this edition: Celtic Vampire novel Dark Dealings and Cherish the Ladies.

Celtic Music Fan asks Damien McCarron what it’s like to  front a band called The Indulgers and to host a show called Mile High Celtic Hour.

They offer more than the rousing beats and electrical vibes. They are melodic and sophisticated musicians. The Indulgers play original Celtic Rock Music and they are synonymous with the word energy! So what type of sound(s) defines them?

They play  Celtic/Western/Americana/Irish Rock music. They are based in  Colorado USA, owing much of their music to the strong Irish/Scottish roots. Formed in 1998, the band are fronted by Damien McCarron who is originally from Dublin. He does the lead vocals and guitars. Now to go into specifics about their sound, think about it in terms of bands/solo artists like Waterboys, Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Spirit, Fleetwood Mac, Irish Trad and The Beatles.

The rest of the band are:

Mike Nile – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica and Electronic Bagpipe
Renee Fine – Fiddle/Violin
Aaron Haywood – Bass
Frannie (Cheech) Mannone – Drums
Guesting on occasion:
Neale Heywood – Guitar
Ryan Bunnell – Guitar

Damien McCarron also runs a show called The Mile High Celtic Hour ( which offers an hour of great Celtic tunes rockin’ or otherwise but never a dull moment! He always brings something new to every show and we will talk more of that here.

Damien joins me today for a quick chat. He is also our artist of the week!

I think the Indulgers are making music that lovers of melodic Celtic rock are looking for. What do you have in store for your listeners this 2013?
Hi Baxter,
I suppose I kind of have my hands full at the minute but I’m not alone as the Indulgers set out to release a new CD. There’s fourteen new songs and it’s more a collection than a concept CD although the theme of immigration does tend to seep into what I write with Mike. The track list includes both a softer side and some rockers.

 Fast tunes or slow tunes: which one works best for you live?

The band feeds on energy but likes to change tempos and instrumentation throughout a show. There’s always time for a nice romantic styled song, but only just enough before we’d up the pace again. Each Indulger CD by tradition includes a instrumental piece featuring Renee on the fiddle and includes “fine” in the title, the lovely “Doin Fine” continues that aspect for this seventh album. The CD was mastered in LA by Howie Wineberg just this past week and will be ready to release in the next month or so.

We’re playing all these new songs live and in recent days rehearsing older material with a new arrangement or two, adding an little more electric guitar to the mix. Should be an interesting year with the new shiny CD at last. It’s been a little while since the last release, six years even, so hopefully folks remember our CD’s are a lifetime treasure and a must for every home.

You now have a weekly show called Mile High Celtic Hour and I always tune in because it is informative, fun and spontaneous. The video streaming is a great way to show music videos of the Celtic artists you are playing. How did MHCH came to be?

With Glen Hansard


The Mile High Celtic Hour was something I asked TardioV about hosting not too long after their launch. The concept of TV on the Net, streaming live from a real studio was something that I thought was brilliant. It’s also archived, which does no harm at all. The morning show host Matt Need endorsed the idea of Celtic Hour with the producer Trevor O’Connor. Matt comes form FM radio background and I had been a guest a few times on his previous FM show. Initially the producer had ,been looking for a country music host, so I pitched my idea.

What can we expect happening to MHCH in months to come?

We’re ten weeks into the show, well ten episodes, it’s a hour long and allows me to cover the Celtic music genre all the way to the edges and back, having guests is a fun aspect, and one guest the Celtic Caterer will continue to join us now and then as a running segment. Last show he lit a hogmanay cake on fire. Not the normal is likely what we’ll look for, but staying within the confines of the Celtic culture in general.

Can you tell us about your upcoming playlist on the show?

I’ve no idea what the next playlist for the show will be, it’s an ongoing dig of all thing’s I come across and think, that’s pretty show like, there is no overall plan, except to be aware of the theme that might expose itself as I try to capture good content. I’d imagine I might get a better plan as I settle into the idea that every Thursday morning it’s a blank sheet.

You came from Ireland. How has Irish American music changed so far since you first arrived?

I’m twenty years in America, so the music has changed. In Celtic circles the genre is multi-layered in a way that’s so far from the purity of the past it’s not even talked about anymore. Celtic rock has established itself as a genre gaining slots in major festivals where as back in 1998 that was “never going to happen”. At the same time there’s also a huge amount of “punk” ballad/cover bands now too which seem to have replaced the actual solo ballad singer in the pubs. Session music in Colorado is at the strongest it’s ever been and I think it’s fair to say every band is touring so there’s more to see than ever too.

It’s all good.

From the state of Colorado, The Indulgers with a new song “The Cure”. “Won’t you try a taste of medicine” The legalization of MMJ has led to many a new store front. So here’s a few to the sounds of a new song.

Here is the latest Mile High Celtic Hour episode.

To know more about Damien McCarron’s band The Indulgers, please visit them through the following sites:


With The Indulgers


A Celtic Vampire Holiday with Dark Dealings

For a limited time—DARK DEALINGS is on sale for $0.99 for Kindle! This is until end of year. Yes I read the book and I really love the story! I asked author Karen Victoria Smith about the sequel and she hopes to have next book ready for May release next year. For those who don’t know yet, this is a great read. The first of its kind. I have been searching for years for a story that will bridge my love for vampires and Celtic culture and Dark Dealings and its upcoming follow up revolve around these themes.


Featured Video: Cherish the Ladies, Celtic Christmas medley with Irish Dancing

They are part of the amazing album Together for Christmas(Various artists).

Members of the Celtic band “Cherish the Ladies” perform a medley of Celtic Christmas tunes live in the witf Performance Studio, with Irish dancing by Michael Holland, 2-time All-Ireland National Champion Irish Dancer.

Merry Christmas my dear readers!


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