A Look into the Future, A Nod into the Past (Including two Interviews)

Celtic music…what do you think will happen and how social networking can influence your ways of getting heard.

Featuring: interviews with Enda Seery and Calum Stewart. Featured performances: Enda Seery, Calum STEWART & Heikki BOURGAULT, bands and a documentary.

As 2012 draws to a close, 2013 promises to be more exciting with the arrival of new albums. There are new bands out there who will probably reach our awareness next year. But these young people are fierce. They are armed with both the musical knowledge and tech savvy necessary in getting their music heard.

With technology  you have the power to make anything possible. But one must be aware that competition is all around. This is due to the sheer volume of music being released day after day. You  have to work twice as hard than before. There are musicians who became  friends and I  found that without being ‘involved’ socially then nothing can really come out of one’s effort.

Whither we like it or not, music is a social activity. You don’t write music for your own personal enjoyment. Whoever argues with this please raise your hand. Because I don’t believe in such a thing. Artists write music to be heard. If you think otherwise then you have to ask yourself if you are in the right business. With that said let me get into the main course which is of course music.

Enda Seery and A New Album Next Year

Enda Seery is working on a second album which will be released next year. I am looking forward to it because I love the way he plays. He has that style of playing that is hard to find these days. I’ve had many pleasures interviewing and featuring his works. Right now, he is busy doing interactive teaching. He is also working on other projects. His cousin Colin Nea also  released and album this year and he is  supporting the album.  I got questions about his new album. He answers them as best as he can. But before that, take a listen to this track!

An Luradán/Santa Cruz/Only for Barney (Jigs)
Final Performance for Masters in Traditional Irish Music Performance
Enda Seery-Sindt D whistle
Tom Delany-guitar
An Luradán composed by Junior Crehan
Santa Cruz composed by Enda Seery
Only for Barney composed by Josephine Keegan
Recorded live at Theatre at The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, September 11th 2012
Recording Engineer: Niall Keegan

Here is another version of the track above without the talking in the intro. For those who just like the music.  In my case I like them all. Just saying 😉

Enda Seery talks about the upcoming album

How’s the second album doing?

Second album is coming along quite well. This is a big release for me with two years and a bit since The Winding Clock release and music being more or less my career now. Recording is finished. At the mixing and editing stage now and all the other details that come with releasing an album. Check out my blogs on tradconnect. Oh by the way, the album will be called ‘Síocháin na Tuaithe’ (Peace of the Countryside)!

You will be doing vocals in two of these tracks. This will be the first time I will hear you sing. Were you nervous?

Not that nervous to be honest but I suppose a little. I have been singing a while since being in my family’s céilí and pub band we had many years ago. I enjoyed recording the vocals in studio but singing live will be a different matter altogether! I spend so much time composing and researching other instrumental and dance tunes that I forget about looking for songs so this will have to change.

 What can we expect on the second album?

Well more of my compositions will be included. Nearly 10 in total between jigs, reels, hornpipes and slow pieces. A good bit of material and new tunes was got from my time on the Masters in Trad Performance course at University of Limerick. I had an absolutely brilliant year there. Also some duet and trio tracks will be on the new album with some great musicians I met in Limerick. I have expanded the repertoire on this album too as to not focus entirely on jigs and reels. I suppose the big change will be the songs and also the flute tracks along with my regular whistle playing tracks.

Ahoy! can’t wait to get my hands on that new album next year!


Calum STEWART & Heikki BOURGAULT – “L’heure avant l’Aube”

I had a pleasure putting Calum Stewart as part of my featured artist of the week. It is also amazing to see his project with Breton artist Heikki Bourgault take off. Calum drops by for a little chat about the video. Cool guy. But before reading that, check this video out.

Published on Dec 18, 2012

“L’heure avant l’Aube”

trad / Calum Stewart – arrangements Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault


Calum talks about the video:

Can you tell us the whole experience making this video?

We recorded this video in an amazing venue, called Amzer Nevez: Near Lorient, in Brittany. It’s a venue strongly associated with Breton music, and the promotion of the Breton language, dance and song.

Can you give us a little background about this track?

The track is a set of 2 reels. The first I picked up while in Belfast, Ireland. It’s normally played a little more layed back than the way we do it: but we like this groove with the 2nd reel. The 2nd was written at 4.30am during the amazing Shetland Folk Festival: “L’heure avant l’haube” (The hour before dawn)!

What’s upcoming for Calum STEWART & Heikki BOURGAULT this 2013?

2012 has been a really busy year for the duo, and we’ll keep things moving in 2013. We are working on an album release for late 2013, which features a new repertoire. It’s always great to move onto new ground and keep things fresh!

Hmm late 2013 seems like a long time when you think about the sheer artistry of these two! But yes let us enjoy the current repertoire and let the music enrich our souls.


Featured trad video:The Steeple Session withConal Ó Grada, Dave Sheridan, Benny McCarthy and Colm Murphy

A nod to the past:

These songs appeared in my facebook status after fever hit me. I was getting all nostalgic and these bands and artists popped in my head . I realized that they are like anchor to the new bands I feature week after week and it is always great to look back and realize how music has evolved through the years.

Originating from Argyll, a region of western Scotland it’s Capercaillie with Waiting For The Wheel To Turn from LP Delirium (1991)
Karen Matheson — Vocals
Charlie McKerron — Fiddle
Manus Lunny — Bouzouki, guitar
Michael McGoldrick — Flute, whistle, Uilleann pipes
Donald Shaw — Keyboards, accordion
Ewen Vernal — Bass
Che Beresford — Drums
David “Chimp” Robertson — Percussion

“Coisich, A Rùin (Come On, My Love)”actually made it to the UK top 40 …lyrics in Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig)

I still listen to ” Hi How Are You Today” by Cape Breton artist Ashley MacIsaac.In this track he is joined by Mary Jane Lammond singing in Cape Breton Gaelic. One of the reasons why I want to see the East Coast of Canada one day.

From Brittany…beautiful place fin the North west of France ..The father of Celtic harp music Alan Stivell.

Also from Brittany Cecile Corbel. At 18, she went to Paris to study archeology, still dreaming of music. Concert after concert in Parisian pubs and cafes, she self-produced her album Songbook 1, soon noticed by the label Keltia Musique (Sinead O’Connor, Loreena McKennit).

From Manitoba Canada, Loreena McKennitt studied to be a veterinarian but Celtic music took her away.

And…last Clannad and Bono of U2: From the album Macalla which is Irish Gaelic for Echo. I think this is really cool in a sense that it’s the first time fans of New Wave music and Irish music got together in the mid 80s to cheer for this amazing song.


Irish Folk Music Revival – Documentary (90mins)

I took down notes while watching this documentary. For those who think it is long, I list down the names of speakers and artists who appeared in chronological order…These  are very familiar names that are in this documentary:

Ronnie Drew speaks(he appears all over), Bob Geldof(he also appears all throughout) the voice of Eamon Devalera, writer John Waters, Martin Hayes (also appearing many times),Paddy Moloney,….. watch the part around 7:15 ,Willie Clancy,Anne Briggs,Johnny Moynihan,Philip Chevron of the Pogues,Teada,Eamon Carr of Horslips,
writers:Brendan Behan appears with Patrick Kavanaghand Flann O’Brien, Paddy Glackin,The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem…

Sean Limmas, writer Joe Kennedy, The Dubliners, Christy Moore,Pecker Dunne,Sean O’Riada who added the orchestral movement to trad music in the mid 60s…
Johnny Moynihan, Donal Lunny and around 1968, the Troubles.
Terry Woods ofSweeney’s Men,Andy Irvine..this is the period when the bouzouki was introduced in Irish music….
Planxty, journalist Peter Lennon, ..the 70s was sweeped by the Planxty phenomenon, then Horslips happened in the mid 70s, Thin Lizzy followed, Then The Chieftains, Clannad, DeDannan and the rest…The Bothy Band took where Planxty left off, Paddy Glackin..
The 80s where irish music became prominent brought by the popularity The Boomtown Rats, U2 etc.
The Pogues, Neil Hannon of The Devine Comedy comments,the difference being London Irish and Irish Irish, Kristy Mccoll,
Then..the birth of Celtic Music spearheaded by Clannad through the evolution of their sound in the mid 80s…oh goosebumps!Maire Brennan appears in a clip. Also the lil bit about the Brennans.

Then came the 90s happened with sound clip from Sinead O’Connor,Mary Black, The Sharron Shannon Band,the rise of Irish women!

In the 2000s with Michael Flatley, Riverdance, Damien Dempsey the documentary closes with Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill playing a tune.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I did writing it..even during my fever. I am working on another interview article and more music.


5 thoughts on “A Look into the Future, A Nod into the Past (Including two Interviews)

    • thank you Christi. I was posting a lot of videos via facebook lately and so i thought to myself, why not turn those posts into blog content. And this is what happens. Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unexpected moments.


      • Knowing the history makes the music more special to me, since a part of me has an Irish (and Welsh!) background. Besides I love history – period!

        Oh, and I am back to listen again to a few of the music videos! LOVE Capercaillie and Alan Stivell’s songs!! 🙂


        • Next week will me the ‘teen’ edition of The Celtic Music Fan which is actually something that makes me laugh because think about it…Celtic music is never associated with the teen culture..but that will change here. After all, this is our show Christi so we can do whatever we want right? LOL


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