Thanksgiving Edition

Also in this edition: Mortal Destiny, Eve Williams and new Celtic releases !

Review of the new album by Flutatious called 333.

Happy thanksgiving to our readers in the United States.Today we have the following in the menu: an album review and two featured tracks.

While the second album established the “Flutatious sound”, this third release called 333 pushes the band’s influences. It’s like whatever styles they have incorporated in their recording career are  given  nods here.

There are still common elements like the vocal layering and airy pieces but their sound has become more upfront and confident. The opening track 333 A Call To Arms features a male voice reciting a line in a poem. The fusion of keys and flute bring out that fantasy feel. The track builds up into a typical Flutatious salvo: great rhythms, instrumental fireworks and traditional inspired melodies.

Everyone in the band contributes to the vocal layering in Crystal Morning. It creates that diaphanous magical feel.The sound changes from dense to airy. Horny is perhaps made for fans of 70‘s spy of kung fu movies. The funky guitars, saxophone and beats are the real winners here. This is Celtic music with bell bottoms and polyester. Whenever I put this on I feel as if I am the late Bruce Lee.

Open Window has a strong jazz influence. The track has varying tempo and mood. Like clouds changing shape before your very eyes, it has several layers and textures. Around 5:40 there is that insertion of male voice doing a Lord of the Rings sort of narration.

Wise Tree  is very Druidic and relates to that belief that trees are great store houses of our memories. What’s in the Tea speaks to me a lot. I am all smiles when I listen to this. I am a tea lover as well. There is that spacey feel in the introduction, and then the track blossoms into a hip swaying, head shaking wall of sound. Somewhere around 3:30 the music changes mood with hammering drums and fiery guitar licks and then goes back into the serene mood.

Tune for Addy revisits the mood of Horny with it’s funky 70‘s feel. It also features an ethereal female voice near the end. I am sure if the band capitalizes in the vocal abilities of each member, they would wow fans of vocal music.

Mesmerize as the title suggests is a haunting tracks which starts out slow. It showcases the play of acoustic guitar and flute. Around 1:00 of the track, it blossoms into a combination of electronic layers and psychedelia. The melody suggests either Welsh or Scottish origin. Nadurra is a Scottish Gaelic word which means ‘affectionate or good-natured.”It starts with the breezy piano playing and flowers into a steady rhythm that makes you think of quiet walks along the Scottish Highlands.

Road to Skye(revisited) closes the album. It takes the sound from the previous version of the song with an added twist. There is that ambient electronic pulse that hovers all over the track like sonar rotating around an axis point. It is a perfect rave track that will please the crowd. I can imagine sweat drenched concert floors and moving bodies hypnotized by the pulsing sound.

333 is an album of shimmering layers and atmospheric delights. It is meant for those with matured taste and can appreciate and even recognize the different genres entangled in whole  album. Flutatious is meant to be played in big speakers with good sub-woofers.Yes there are intricate layers of sounds here but you can’t deny the punch and bounce they bring. And if you can savour them all, then you have yourself a truly satisfying listening experience. A kind of music that speaks to all.


Sounds samples. Just hit the ‘buy the album’ link to go to the band’s store:

Featured track: The Hobbit by Mortal Destiny

Lyrics – J. R. R. Tolkien / Jeremy King – Music, Arrangement by Mortal Destiny

I am sure everyone is waiting for The Hobbit to arrive. The news is out that Howard Shore has finished doing the score, the guys in Poitinland recorded this Celtic rock song. This is a visual track that makes me imagine the dwarves and hobbits singing together.  Jeremy King explains the thoughts behind this track:
“Pavel Čengery is the producer for our last 2 albums Bofiguifluki and Hot Days as well as being a talented musician himself. I’ve worked with him on a couple of other projects including writing lyrics for his band Mortal Destiny-the track I wrote called ‘Pagan Pride’ also features our fiddler Otik Machacek and arose during the recording of ‘Hot Days’ when we were playing a traditional Scottish tune

Featured Track: Oblivion by Eve Williams

It’s a coincidence! I was watching Skyfall and nearly cried when M played by Judi Dench starts reciting the lines by Lord Tennyson. Now we have Oblivion which is a song also inspired by the poetry of Tennyson himself. The heartbreaking theme resonates and given more weight with Eve’s excellent vocal delivery. She has a terrific operatic range. The orchestration in this track is simply superb. Oblivion could very well be one of those “ soundtrack of your life” that you take with you as you greet the chill of the coming winter.

© Craig Murray/ Eve Williams 2012 Produced by Andrew GiddingsI hold it true, whate’er befall;I feel it, when I sorrow most;’Tis better to have loved and lostThan never to have loved at all.Alfred Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam


Goodies to buy this thanksgiving if you haven’t yet..


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