Bards, Composers, Folk Singers and Concerts

In this edition: Máirtín de Cógáin, Karl Nesbitt, Richard Trethewey, Great Big Sea and Blue Rodeo

So what makes fascination and inspiration happen? I think these two go together. First you get fascinated with someone’s talent. Then you get inspired to do what you do. Musicians are artists who help fuel inspiration. Give me a moment in a day listening to music and I will start typing away. Do you also get inspired by musicians?

I have to admit, the past few months were tough but it was music that pulled me out of the labyrinth. I want to share that enthusiasm and passion to you all. We are all connected in a way that we can’t imagine. I am glad for musicians! You are what makes the world a better place to live. And yes, we the listeners get to do a LOT of things because of you musicians. We paint, design software, build buildings and write novels because of the music. It is a symbiosis of goodness!

The Bardic Hypnosis of Máirtín de Cógáin

Máirtín de Cógáin has a way of getting you engaged when he is onstage. Whither he is playing music or talking, there is something about him that is charismatic. His anecdotes never fail to bring out giggles. He draws the magnetism from the long line of Irish bards since the time of the High Kings. I think Máirtín can talk about anything all day and I will definitely listen sipping my hot tea! Enjoy the videos below folks.

Check out his various projects



Another achievement from Karl Nesbitt:

Karl Nesbitt

“ I’m thrilled to be writing/performing some music for this new film entitled Blind Pass, directed by Steve Tatone. Thanks Fintan Lucy and Edel Sullivan “:)

-Karl Nesbitt
Hmm..looks like our favorite instrumentalist/composer/producer and arranger is out to make waves in the Irish movie scene. I would love to see this movie. I am sure if the music is from Karl then it will be amazing.

And what’s a Karl Nesbitt article without his music?


New Releases from Cornish Music label Kesson feat: Richard Trethewey

I love the music of Cornwall. It has its own identity and beauty. Cornwall has its own folk and  traditional scene and its new representative is Richard Trethewey. He sings, and plays  fiddles, mandola, triangle,and other brass instruments. A man of good vocal range and perfect pitch. You can listen to samples of “ Dig Where You Stand” off Cornish music site Kesson:


Exclusive video: Great Big Sea and Blue Rodeo performed “What Am I Doing Here?” at CBC’s Glenn Could Studio.
Canadian  bands The Great Big Sea and Blue Rodeo perform in this beautiful video. Check this link out:


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