Traditional Irish, Bluegrass and Americana

 Featuring:Patrick D’Arcy, Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha, Kyle Carey and Noriana Kennedy

Introducing Piper Patrick D’Arcy

For some musicians and listeners, simplicity is everything. Patrick D’Arcy sets an example of how one instrument can give out so many layers to observe, savor and glorify. His simplistic use of the uilleann pipes, unadorned by other instruments sort of magnifies that soul of the instrument making its core radiate.

Most of us usually take the drones for granted as our attention is focused on the play of notes and also interplay of other instruments. Patrick makes every angle of sound posses that bulk and electricity. I am amazed how beautiful the drones can be when your ears don’t process too much information.

Patrick D’Arcy is now based in Woodland Hills California after leaving his hometown of Dublin several years ago. He manages five websites. is a directory of all his other sites.  One of them is web and print design called while is about his music. focuses more on the instrument and also learning it. is a place where all pipers meet around  Southern California.

It might surprise you to know that this passionate piper studied classical guitar at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Why did he give up guitar and chose the uilleann pipes? That is what I will find out one day! He just released a traditional album called Wallop The Spot composed of 13 tracks. You can buy the album here:


The breezy music of Kyle Carey

Real life is HARD. But Kyle Carey does a good job of transporting us into lazy afternoons, visions of orange blossoms and fireflies at dusk. Her various styles(Bluegrass, Irish and New Age) create a satisfying experience that leave you with a feeling you get after a good nap-fresh and clear headed. There are gentle guitars and lurking banjos in the sea of fiddles and vocal harmonies. Her voice has this silky feel reminiscent of Alison Krauss and Grada. To be able to escape for a moment into the music that channels the power of kindness and childhood innocence is really worth your time…maybe an hour a day would be good for you.

If you love original music that will stand the test of time then Kyle Carey’s Monongah is for you. Buy her albums here:

Visit: to sample her music


Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha

Presenter and producer: Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha

Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha is a head radio presenter at RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta.  If you want to know the phonetic way to say her name it’s “Nancy”. I listened to her recorded shows and they are truly informative and exciting. They are geared towards the traditional music audience. Her approach to hosting is relaxed and once in a while she inserts anecdotes. There’s never a dull moment. Throughout her career, she moved between Galway which is her hometown and the United States, back and forth. Her favorite quote is: I can resist everything but temptation! Don’t we all? Especially if the temptation are those beautiful Irish tunes!

Visit: To hear her recorded shows.


Noriana Kennedy

The Bluesy Noriana Kennedy

A few months ago, I feature a video by Galway based singer who is working on her album with her band Wildflowers. According to her recent post to her website:

We made a merry start to recording the new Wildflowers CD last weekend. Myself, Nicola Joyce, Noelie McDonnell and Gerry Paul spent the weekend at Larry Kelly’s beautiful Finnish log-cabin home in Tuam, Co. Galway.  We put down new versions of  ‘Dear My Maker’ and ‘Poor Ellen Smith’ along with three other brand new tracks.  We’ll give it another blast next month to finish it off…all going well the CD will be fit for filling stockings in December!  Big thanks to Liam Caffrey, our patient and gifted engineer and of course Larry and Olivia for the generous loan of their fabulous home, the gourmet menu and constant feed of happy vibes.

I know there are friends who are excited to hear something by this amazing singer/songwriter with a unique voice that can deliver a full range of emotions.


and also : to sample her music.

3 thoughts on “Traditional Irish, Bluegrass and Americana

  1. Bax,
    You have hit all of my keys with this article!!! Patrick’s uilleann pipes first piece was intoxicating. I listened to it twice and just loved it!! And then watch him was wonderful! He is so talented. I’m going to start saving for that CD!!

    Kyle Carey is like being being transported to a dream that haunts you – in a good way. I could have cried over the song so easily but the beauty of the song held me so tight that I listened, and held my breath to the very end.

    Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha is one I would love to listen to! I will have to find her RTE show online! I am glad she is on Sound Cloud!

    And of course my favorite songster right now Noriana Kennedy. Everything she sings is the best. She has a blue grass sound that is SO much deeper! Love her voice!!


    • Yes! I worked with Patrick’s article the other day along with Neansai. Then yesterday I stumbled upon Kyle Carey. I thought see needed company and then while searching I saw an update on Noriana Kennedy and I remember we discussed about what is going on with her. And it was a wonderful surprise! She is indeed busy recording an album with her band.Glad you like this edition 😀


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