Weekend Edition with Music and Album Release!

In this edition: Fraser Fifield, Carmel Gunning and Calum Stewart

Fraser Fifield, EDINBURGH, Britain (UK)

The Music of Fraser Fifield

My last edition covered music from Ireland, Wales and Brittany. Our new edition unleashes another talent from Scotland by the name of Fraser Fifield. I became familiar with his work after seeing videos of Salsa Celtica. This is the same band where Kenny Fraser of Music Scotland(who was our featured artist/interview) plays the fiddle in.

The fascinating thing about his work is his love for improvisation and fusion. His bio states this interesting info: “A Piper and Low Whistle player who improvises like a jazz musician. A Soprano Sax player playing the traditional music of his native Scotland like it had always been played on that instrument.” I think one of the most haunting track in his compositions is Softly Spoken, with its hypnotic arrangements and syncopated beats. He has other gems in his soundcloud page and I am sure you will definitely buy his albums when you hear his tracks. He has other equally wonderful tracks and your way of relating or liking them will depend on how you respond to the music upon hearing each track.

I am doing a correspondence with him which will be a structure for an upcoming featured artist/interview. I embedded few tracks of my choice but I recommend for you to click Fraser Fifield’s soundcloud channel http://soundcloud.com/fraserfifield to listen to the music continuously.

For more of his music, visit the following links:





Carmel Gunning

She moves between two worlds. The fast paced playing and the delicate execution of some tracks. A native of Sligo, she came from a musical family. I think she is one of those amazing artists who contribute their efforts in making sure Irish music gets national and international

Carmel Gunning

recognition. I wonderful info I uncovered about her:  She runs The Carmel Gunning School of Music all year round in Sligo town and runs a festival annually in August. She has written 2 books on music and song and currently working on another. She has produced 5 CDs to date and is working on a singing album currently. Many of her past pupils, Liam Kelly of Dervish being the most well known, are top class in their field today.

With this kind of music and also a unique way of playing the whistle, I am sure she will conquer more ears. Let there be more albums from her then!


Calum Stewart has a new album out!

Wooden Flute & Fiddle

Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl
with Éamon Doorley and Andy May

  1. Eoghainn Iain Alasdair
  2. The Gordons
  3. Alzen
  4. Rise Ye Lazy Fellow
  5. Stoidhle Nèill Ghobha
  6. Crow Road Croft
  7. Aileen’s
  8. Tomnahurich
  9. Boys of the ‘25
  10. A Highland Lamentation

Now available for Pre-Order worldwide. (Please be careful to select worldwide delivery if you live outside the UK) All orders will be dispatched on 15th October, one week ahead of the official release date of 22nd October.

Scottish wooden flutist Calum Stewart just released an album with Lauren McColl. It is called Wooden Flute and Fiddle. This is an album that every traditional music listeners will want in his or her collection. This is due to the huge effort that the two and the rest of the session musicians placed on this album. There are slow and fast tunes. Expect variety in instruments and grand artistry that only musicians of their caliber can provide. And even if you are not really into Scottish or Irish trad music, you will still warm up to this one for its melodic and relaxing merit. Love it love it! A track from this album was featured here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01mwz99

Buy Wooden Flute and Fiddle here: http://www.laurenmaccoll.co.uk/shop/



2 Replies to “Weekend Edition with Music and Album Release!”

  1. I love Chylde Owlett by Fraser Fifield!! He’s good – as a piper too. And I really love pipers so Carmel Gunning is fun to listen too. She has two songs here I’ve not heard before but really like. The wooden flute has always captured my interest so Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl with Éamon Doorley and Andy May is something I really think is grand! You really have three winners here and I will have to save my pennies to get all the music!!


    1. Carmel Gunning is also someone I just discovered.Yes Fraser is really well known in Scotland as an awesome piper and I am hoping to complete an article interview with him. You know what is fun here is that musicians are reading each other and I am sure this will be a sort of getting to know among them so that one day they might form a collective of their own and record music together. Calum is done with an interview article I sent him but he is quite busy this week promoting the new album. I hope he gets back to me soon 😀


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