Wild and Sensual

A new promo posted about The Pogues

In this edition: The Pogues, Jamie Smith’s MABON, Atlantean and  Gwenael Kerleo

I am sure you have notice the energy I placed on editing the pictures of the artists I posted here. It was a great practice of visual creativity on my part. At this point in time I am confident to say anything I can and post anything I want. It is fun discovering new acts and re discovering legends. Last time, I released an interview about Scottish percussionist/producer Dave Martin. It was an eye opener for me. It is inspiring to know that Scotland is a country of thriving Celtic fusion music. Music embraces all aspects. I think it is sad if we all think that Celtic music should only be about acoustic instruments and traditional songs. It is an expanding genre while it is also keeping in touch with its past. It is like an interesting person you met on a date. Someone who possesses a keen sense of culture but is also attuned to the current times. I think I’d date that person anytime.

 It’s The Pogues and I am Doing Pogo Dance!

It’s been a while since I last visited the wonderful, explosive and punk inspired music of The Pogues. As always when you think of the Pogues always expect something unconventional both in the musical and also how they project their image to the world. You know, when I get depressed the Pogues are always reliable in cheering my mood up. This song is called Fiesta. My big thanks to Irish Music Forever for posting this video.


Autumn Tour for Jamie Smith’s MABON

Their official facebook page has confirmed this news: “The first batch of Windblown pre-orders are on their way! Huzzah! UK orders should arrive tomorrow and internationals early next week. Any future orders we receive will be dispatched within 48 hrs. Get your copy now at www.jamiesmithsmabon.com/windblown

Cheers folks :)”

Check out this new single from this amazing band based in Wales!


Atlantean: A Unique Documentary

Take a look at this folks. Other segments of the story can be found in youtube. It is amazing how much wealth of information is stored out there waiting to be discovered.

A segment from Irish filmmaker Bob Quinn’s four-part documentary on the maritime heritage of Western Ireland and it’s links to North Africa. This scene includes examples of Conamara dancing, called “Battering”, and it’s relation to Flamenco.


Gwenael Kerleo – Brand new skies 

The sound of the electro harp is always invigorating. A few days ago, Layne and I were discussing about cool harp designs and he said that the one on top of his list is the electro harp. It was right after I showed him the link to the Corrina Hewat interview I did. In this video we hear another addition to our growing collection of Breton artists. Gwenael Kerleo makes music that has that maritime appeal wrapped in haunting melodies. What I like about her voice is its tender quality that has an almost child like innocence and urban sensuality.

Une chanson extraite de l’album “QUAI N°7” de Gwenael Kerleo (distribution Coop Breizh). Musique : Gwenael Kerleo – Paroles : Louis-Jacques Suignard. Avec Kevin Camus à l’irish tin whistle et au uilleann pipe et Yvon Molard aux tablas.

Les photos ont été prises sur la plage de l’Aber à Crozon (pointe de la Bretagne) en mars 2012.

Brand new skies

When your love burns so deep

Everything melts inside

When you’ve gone past the need

To sort out wrong and right

When your words take the hues of brand new skies

May your will and your way walk side by side

When your love burns so high

Setting your skies on fire

Looking down on your pride

And yielding to desire

Then it turns into gold all rocks and stones

And that sand once so cold a new bed of strokes

It blows on and whispers and sings

Never waits for any man

It knows about everything

And laughs in waving hands

When it takes you away

To the thrones of High Kings

It is then you start to pray it never ends


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