Dave Hum,Les Ramoneurs de menhirs,Velha Gaiteira, Connie Dover and Celtic Cross Stitch

Featured Video: Les Ramoneurs de menhirs – Bella Ciao

Ah Celtic punk from Brittany. Forget the fact they don’t sing in English..well actually that makes it very ‘rebellious’! Hey the bombarde overpowers even the electric guitar.


Album Review: Traveling Light by Dave Hum

Dave Hum

I have other Dave Hum albums so I say Traveling Light sounds different from his other creations. I will bring each one of them to your attention in days to come. For now we are going to take Traveling Light apart and discover its artistic merits. There’s a lot actually.

Groove: Most of Dave Hum’s albums are about instrumental prowess and great atmosphere. This one is an example of music  that crosses genres. You hear African, Reggae, modern rock and classical influences thrown in for the good measure.

Great Melodies: Every track in this album are very satisfying. Dave Hum has a thing for melody which is always close to Celtic music. Whither he is trying to make something new out of something old, his music has that ’ring’ to it. If you are a fan of certain artists, it’s that quality that makes their music recognizable as theirs. It’s like DNA embedded inside the workings of rhythm, melody, arrangement and song structure.

No loose ends from beginning to end: The opening track Chesters Tune is ear-grabbing. From that track up to the end track which is Grandad in the Lift, Traveling Light  will put you up your toes.

The Future of Banjo Music: Dave Hum has made banjo music in this album  accessible to a lot of listeners.There are great tunes with great beats and variety. Tunes like Lulworth Mermaid with its New Agey female layered voices and the uplifting Riders are testaments of his amazing artistry. This is an album for all!


Submitted: Velha Gaiteira – “Bate lavadeira e Helena” (tradicional do Paul/Beira-Baixa)

A friend of CMF Pedro Fulano Lourenço submitted this video. I am pleased that friends are very passionate about Celtic influenced music.The voice reminds me of Hungarian folk singer Márta Sebestyén. Very lovely!


Flashback:Connie Dover – Somebody

I first read about her in CD review magazine. That was around 1991. This album was creating a stir in the Celtic music scene. Back then, the scene was different. No mp3s and very few people have access to ‘elite’ music like this one. She is one of the great artists who paved the way for Celtic music to have a broader acceptance.

My heart is sore, I dare not tell, my heart is sore for Somebody
I would walk a winter’s night all for a sight of Somebody

If Somebody were come again then one day he must cross the main
And everyone will get his own and I will see my Somebody

Ochon, for Somebody, Och hey, for Somebody,
I would do, would I do not, All for the sake of Somebody

Why need I comb my tresses bright, oh, why should coal or candlelight
Shine in my bower day or night since gone is my dear Somebody

Oh, I have wept many a day for one that’s banished far away
I cannot sing and must not say how sore I grieve for Somebody

Music: traditional Irish; lyrics: traditional Scottish
Adapted by Connie Dover
From the CD, Somebody (Songs of Scotland, Ireland and Early America) by Connie Dover


Today in Pictures: Celtic Birds Cross Stitch by Paula.

I could not let this article pass without introducing this wonderful musician who explored the world of Celtic designs.

Celtic glasses case sewn for my mother —Paula
From the real of electronic music, Paula moved to cross stitch. She made amazing images with her Celtic designs and CMF is a proud owner of a lot of her works!


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