The Harp Village, Catriona McKay and Bagad Kemper

Plus today in pictures: Cheers+Greenland Whalefishers and The Electric Light Programme.

With readership and endorsements growing, it is easy for me to have CONTINUITY. It is great to mix and match music. And you know what’s fun?Having to write sooo little yet expose so MUCH music. What are we having for weeks to come? We will have Corrina Hewat, novelist Karen Victoria Smith, Calum Stewart and Will Tun and the Wasters. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We will have MORE!

Corrina Hewat is promoting Harp Village. The last event happened in 2010. September is going to be exciting!

The harp village 2012

Friday September 28th – Sunday September 30th

in venues all round Cromarty

I went and checked Cromarty Arts Trust and it is really an amazing venue:

It says Cromarty Arts Trust was established in 1987

Aims and objectives

  • To support the conservation of buildings of historical or architectural importance
  • To promote the advancement of education
  • To encourage the conservation of natural features, landscape, ecology and character of the area
  • To stimulate public interest in the history, character, beauty and wildlife of the area
  • To nurture artistic activity, locally nationally and internationally.

In pursuance of these aims we have raised over £1 million for the following purposes:

Restoration and conversion of three architecturally important buildings in Cromarty

The Brewery, restored in 1989 and now operated as the Cromarty Training Centre; The Stables, a Listed Grade A building restored in 1995; and Ardyne, a fine example of a merchant’s house restored in 1994.

More of that info here:

Corrina Hewat burning the harp strings photo taken by Dougie Cunningham


More of Catriona McKay

Don’t forget the amazing set by Catriona McKay. See Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay at Chief O’Neill’s on Fri the 7th!

You will see more of this delicate playing when you go watch the performance.


Music from Brittany: Bagad Kemper

Guéna Lamour: Road-trip West Coast /Australia

Guéna Lamour was part of the Celtic/pop group Meliouank playing the keyboards though  his main instrument is the bombarde. Right now he is devoting his energy to a group called Bagad Kemper and at the same time practicing for the duet competition of traditional music with a singer. Every year there is a big  competition the first week of September, of the best duets of traditional music in Brittany. Bagad Kemper does something really exciting to Breton music and I am sure after seeing these videos you’d agree.

This is more like a rehearsal.

You can see his performance focused around 5:13 of this video


Today in Pictures: Cheers+Greenland Whalefishers 24.08.2012

Pictures courtesy of HDF hlava derava foto

More here:

This is the aftermath of the most anticipated event in Celtic punk history within the Czech Republic.  Greenland Whalefishers from Norway shared the stage with Cheers, both bands playing highly charged melodic punk tunes forged through the spirit of Paddy Rock. Check out this link and also add the band to your favorites to get the latest gig updates.



KCLR 96 FM is a radio station in Carlow Kilkenny Ireland. This station covers new and old music. This link below is a recorded show from Martin Bridgeman. He has a guest in the studio Michael Brunnock and you would hear music and conversation. Martin does interesting things in his show. Have a listen.

From Martin Bridgeman:

“We’re all good. Some good news on the show front. I’ll have an interview and tunes from on Sunday from Mick McAuley and Winnie Horan from Solas and another Kilkenny Musician Colm O’Caoimh. And if all goes well, I’ll have an interview with Jacqui McShee from Pentangle shortly”…


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