Celtic Punk, Wooden Flute, Northumbrian Pipes and Irish Inspired Prints.

Stephen Ducke on wooden flute

Play it again Stephen!

I featured an e book about learning how to play the tin whistle by Stephen Ducke. I told you how amazing that book is. It has 430 MB of files containing music, texts and illustrations will be enough to give you all that you need to get you started. Well, this guy doesn’t just teach one instrument. He teaches a LOT of instruments including the wooden flute. He makes amazing music too. Just take a listen to his myspace page and it will give you a good impression if not tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Irish maestro Stephen Ducke. He now lives in France. He also runs www.tradschool.com which I posted here from my previous article but didn’t realize who the man behind the site is.



Featured band: Greenland Whalefishers

If you think Norway is just about melancholic Scandinavian music then you are wrong. The Greenland Whalefishers not just ruins the stereotypes, they also bring a kick…yeah more like a kick in the eye with their brand of Irish music or Paddy

Greenland Whalefishers

rock. Whoa! And check this out, this guys have been on the road for 16 years! They love what they do, they don’t apologize for the awesome music and they are performing live in the Czech Republic this week. Yes get your socks rocked with the Greenland Whalefishers!



Featured MP3s: Will Tun and the Wasters.

Will Tun and the Wasters

Don’t let their wacky pictures and band bio fool you. These guys are SERIOUS about their music. I was impressed by the amount of craft they put on every recordings. They are Will Tun and the Wasters, a young, fiery and energetic 7 piece folk punk-ska band from Reading, England.
They occasionally add in a bit of gypsy to their song repertoire as well as collaborating with a French Rapper called MC Amalgam!
These 3 tracks  are from our latest release “Time is a Bastard”.



They have an interesting bio:

Deep in the winter of ’09 a lonely group of introspective alcoholics (AKA The Wasters) who were sick of having nothing to show for their drinking, decided to legitimise their actions by forming a band. Naturally this was to be a folk-punk band. One fateful night at a party after a few, the ebbullient Burmese violin/guitar maestro Will Tun steps on to the scene and a union is formed. The only trouble is he doesn’t know how to drink and he likes coldplay. Thus begins the fusion of two opposing worlds into the weird, smorgas board band dynamic of Will Tun and the Wasters. The Wasters learn to play music properly (kind of), Will Tun learns about punk rock and cider and somewhere in that process some songs got written.


Featured Video:Kathryn Tickell – ‘Lads of Alnwick’

Kathryn Tickell and band (Peter Tickell – fiddles, Joss Clapp – guitars, Julian Sutton – melodeon). Song taken from a live set recorded at The Zodiac, Oxford. 8th September 2004

Prior to hearing her through The Sky Didn’t Fall with Corrina Hewat, I already posted a video about her. But you don’t really get to know an artist’s music unless you listen to an entire album. The northumbrian smallpipes are really great to hear and no one plays it like the way she does.


Today in pictures: Eva McCauley

Have you seen the works of Eva McCauley before? If you haven’t check them out. Intense stuff. She is a painter and print artist. Well, it was a surprise to know that he is also the mother of famous bodhran player Jacob McCauley.  I never realized Jacob has an awesome mom! Eva is the Founder & Director of Riverside Celtic College,  in Guelph, Ontario. These images are about her latest exhibit.

Eva McCauley: Painter and print artist.

More of her artworks can be found in her official site: http://www.evamccauley.com


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