Terry Kelly, Mickey Harte and Merlins Nose Records‏

Introducing an amazing Canadian artist, A German record label, Album Review, Loreena McKennitt and Picture of the day.

“It was kind of cool to work the sound board for him, because my dad said that when he was in university Terry used to play upstairs in the student union building. Another really cool thing  is that the choir I sang in, did one of his songs a few years ago but I didn’t know who he was so I didn’t realize it until he started playing the song. He sounded so good live.”-Layne Greene

Ever wonder how I got my fresh ideas for this site? Yes, I have good friends whom I spend hours and hours discussing musical stuff. So, apart from getting direct messages from bands themselves, I also get word of the mouth from this or that who knows this or that.

After one song I warmed up to Terry Kelly right away. Fans of Dave Gunning will love his music and yes he is also Canadian! You hear different  influences in his music ranging from Bluegrass, Irish to Pop rock. In My Father’s House (the video you see above) has an amazing fiddle part and the video is also well done. His voice combines strength and tenderness. The music lifts the soul, casting your burdens aside. So, to all of you who are having a hard time, those who are trying to heal from a broken heart or a terrible situation, the music of Terry Kelly is a perfect remedy. Not too heavy on the sugar, good calorie count and full of goodness.



Record label to check out: Merlin’s Nose Records‏

Merlin's Nose records giving you ambient, pagan folk and other interesting releases
Merlin’s Nose records giving you ambient, pagan folk and other interesting releases

Those who love ambient sound with something medieval and folk then Merlin’s Nose Records have great stuff for you. The company is based in Germany and it sells records in various format. These tracks you hear are just samplers of the great things to come. Visit their site to browse through the catalog. http://www.merlins-nose.com/index_1.htm

Music sampler:


Album Review: Mickey Harte: Forward to Reality

The music of Mickey Harte is easy to the ears and it goes down smoothly. There are enough hooks to appeal to both pop and rock listeners. His voice has the characteristics as Rod Stewart and Sting or a combination of both. The album booklet has a nice biography that will explain how this recording came into reality. It also shows black and white photos of the studio with the artist and crew during recording sessions. The album has 13 catchy pop rock songs , artfully crafted but they also made sure to retain that raw energy courtesy of sound Engineer Dave Hill.

The songs are typical adult alternative music that talks about relationships, the tragedy, redemption of love and things in between. There are folksy sensibilities in songs like Bordertown, Living in our town, Unstoppable train  and my personal favorite Broken Love. Mickey Harte has a voice possessing a wide range of expression and layers. In I like the way you think, his voice go really deep and sensual in a Chris Isaak croon.

So what about the instruments? Expect to hear Hanson guitars, alto trombone and the usual mix of keys, bass and drums. The recording and mastering took place inside 1 Bit Studio in Chicago IL. Interesting results happen when artists from the Emerald Isle let American sound engineers do the final touches. All in all Forward to Reality is one strong album that is poised to satisfy a wide range of listeners from the musical spectrum.



Album Sampler


Featured Video: Loreena McKennitt – Penelope’s Song (HQ)

“Penelope’s Song”, from the DVD Nights From The Alhambra (2007) and the album, An Ancient Muse (2006).

I love the way her voice wraps itself around you. It is a voice that moves the soul. I know there is no one else who sounds like her in the world.


Picture of the day:
Celtic Helmet, 4th Century BC, Found at Agris Charante, France. Taken from The Celtic & Prehistoric Museum

 Celtic Helmet, 4th Century BC, Found at Agris Charante, France.

Celtic Helmet, 4th Century BC, Found at Agris Charante, France.

2 Replies to “Terry Kelly, Mickey Harte and Merlins Nose Records‏”

  1. Bottom to top – LOVE that helmet!! How cool!
    There is no one that can match Loreena in storytelling or in the other worldly feel of the music. I close my eyes and am totally sent to another time. Like with her music for the TV movie The Mists of Avalon (one of favorite movies) each song I’ve ever heard creates a movie in my head every time I hear her sing.
    Mickey Harte has the skills of a crafter like Dylan and a raspy voice that fills in tunefully as the songs grow from the beginning the very last note of each piece of music. A simple WOW does not do him justice!
    The Merlin’s Nose Records samples are almost new age in sound. Like that!
    Terry Kelly seems to be another singer of stories. I love the images of Love being and umbrella in a home. It radiates safety as well as love and that is so cool!

    Good listening here!!


    1. Ha! Networking is cool because that is how I get my inspiration for these posts. Yes Loreena indeed that a kind of voice like no other. Mickey is awesome to send a promo CD prior to the release of the album and I am just giving the kindness back:) I think I will be hearing more from Merlin’s nose records and I will make sure I will sample them here. As for Terry Kelly, his music is really feel good. I think safety and love are two things everyone need to feel these days. There’s too much negative stuff going on there and it really helps to spread positivity around. Thank you for reading Christi. I really value your assessment.


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