New mp3 samples for your listening pleasure..

Featuring:Layne Greene, Coda, Mickey Harte, Andrew Slim Black, Dan Aston and James M Law!

Good day folks. I spent the whole day listening and uploading songs. This happened because I received recordings from the following artists and it is nice to credit their work as well as getting you to know them one by one. Music helps us remember and it eases our pains and anger. I love the fact that music is my substitute for tons and tons of chocolate I could have swallowed trying to ease the blues of the past few weeks. I am glad to tell you that I am ok now. It  could have been difficult without music. I am featuring one by one. I have CDs on my shelf right now but I can’t cram them all here. Instead, I will take it one at a time. I am giving you a sampler at the end of this article. That way you will decide what artist you are going to pick up when you start shopping for records.

Pre release : Layne Greene EP

A new EP by Canadian folk musician Layne Greene (who is based in Nova Scotia) is in the works for final release. There are four tracks in the EP : Break, Iron Town, Winter Song and Working Man. Some of these tracks have been uploaded via his youtube, soundcloud and myspace pages. The only difference is that he actually made modifications and worked with jazz guitarist Alex MacNeil. Alex has a friend by the name of Shawn Bisson. Shawn did all the mixing/engineering for the session. He’s an actual sound engineer, and he just happened to be around and tagged along for the session. The artwork will be done by graphic artist Julie Meyer. For the  sample of Iron Town please refer to the bottom of this article where I posted all the sound samples for your listening pleasure.

Lyrics of Iron Town:

Words and music by Layne Greene

We built this town
on island waters
we wear ourselves down
with ropes and shovels

while days go by
and we sleep away
our time

we’ll wake to find
a restless state of mind
and all our thoughts
are leaving this place behind

while days go by
and sleep away
our lies

and we build the round
this iron town
and we’ll sit around
in our iron town
in our town

Lyrics printed with permission to the composer.


Featured Videos: Coda-The Briar & The Rose/Elsafty, Armstrong & Browne in Concert

I like Tom Waits and when my friend Jimmy sent me a link to this video I was pleasantly surprised.  I was hooked. I keep on looking and listening. These guys gave me goosebumps! The second video is interesting in a sense that it is the most ‘traditional’ of all my post.

Róisín Elsafty — vocal
Siobhán Armstrong — early Irish harp
Ronan Browne — Union pipes, bansuri, tin whistle


Our pic of the Day: Moya Brennan and Family

Moya Brennan: Going to Glastonbury with the family. We’ll all be performing the Croissant Neuf Stage Saturday afternoon. Maybe see you there? 3 June 2011
Tim , Moya, Paul and Aisling Jarvis. The reason why I found this photo fascinating is because it tells us that Irish music will always be a family affair. It is nice to see Moya and family looking relaxed and ready for musical action.


Listening To: Mickey Harte-Forward to reality

I got a big surprise when I received a complimentary CD in the mail.


Featured MP3s

Iron Town is taken from an upcoming EP. Title is in the works.

Bordertown is taken from an album Forward to Reality to be officially launched on September 16.

Peggy Gordon is taken from the new album of Andrew “Slim” Black called Gallows Tree Tales.

Way Home by Dan Aston. He is a singer/songwriter based in Cornwall. He is working on a debut CD which will be out in 2013.

The Thistle and The Daffodil by James M Law.


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