Celtic 5 String Banjo Player – Dave Hum‏

Plus:Featured mp3s: Dan Aston, New video by Cheers! and Nolwenn Leroy

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. ”
Bob Marley

Featured artist Celtic 5 String Banjo Player – Dave Hum‏

“An instrumental selection of traditional Celtic, bluegrass and old time tunes, featuring Dave Hum playing the five string banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica and percussion.”

The  music of Dave Hum is like  a friend who comes to visit to bring you great news. It  overflows with an almost Rastafarian philosophy that is all embracing. It is a kind of feeling you get with when you take that time off  from the harsh realities of life . The seductive rhythm invites you to throw your worries and close your eyes. Imagine someone you have not heard for some time announcing he is dropping by. You don’t know what to expect. He comes marching in. Then he cracks a joke. Everything dissolves into a familiar warmth of old friendship and easy fun. That’s exactly what his music is like!

He sounds like no other. I’d call his music timeless, with the mood elevating qualities of dark chocolate.  In place of words, he uses his mastery of melodies and arrangements. There aren’t any stumbling block in his musical path…it is like a great river rushing, where everything flows so smoothly.

It surprises one to know that there is only one person behind this big sound. Yes he plays everything that you hear in the recording.





This Edition’s Fresh Video: Cheers!

Finally, the most anticipated video from Celtic rock group based in the Czech Republic is out.  It features the band playing live interspersed with an old Czech film. According to  Pavel, the lead singer of “Cheers!”:

“We used this movie – to point out the culture in its roots. Even if we play something totally else”..


Featured mp3: Dan Aston

If you are very active in the Celtic folk in scene in Cornwall, then you might have seen Dan Aston as  the guitarist of Cornish language band (with both his parents in it) An Derow. His music is inspired by artists like John Martyn, Nick Drake and Gary Moore. These are selections off his soundcloud page. Dan is a fine singer with a good range. His voice is in perfect shape and pitch. When asked about the possibility of releasing an album:

“I am currently working on my debut album which will hopefully be out in January 2013.”

That is a good sign. So what can we listeners expect from his debut album?

“The listeners can expect a selection of my original songs that have strong roots in folk, blues and jazz genres as well as possessing a Celtic touch. Working with local Celtic group An Derow and having played on Sue Aston’s recent album ‘Between Worlds’ has influenced me in this direction as well as my natural love towards renowned musicians in the folk/Celtic genre such as John Martyn and Nick Drake. Some of my songs will be expanded instrumentally for the album and will feature additional musicians to add further depth and textures to their musical landscapes. The expansion of my songs will also include myself playing lead guitar and harmonica which doesn’t currently appear on the soundcloud demos. The record will be musically diverse and will hopefully appeal in one way or another to listeners from all musical backgrounds.”

Dan has a live show and according to his status update:

“I will be playing at Goldsithney Charter Fair this Saturday, performing my usual mix of folk/jazz originals and covers with some new covers by Deep Purple, Bruce Springsteen and Blue Oyster Cult! Hopefully see you there should be a great event.”

Don’t miss this awesome artist live and have a listen to his recordings below.


Today in Pictures: Nolwenn Leroy

Raphaële Beyssier / 11 Le Magazine
She brings sass and spice to Celtic music.

2 thoughts on “Celtic 5 String Banjo Player – Dave Hum‏

  1. What bevy of great musicians! Love that banjo player!! The Czech video is really good too! That is quite an mix of two kinds of music! Well done! The music all is great – what a way to end an evening!


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