Eamon Doorley : The Bouzouki You’ve Heard Before

Plus: Manau, Jeremy King,The Levellers,Dead Can Dance New Album Anastasis,Rachael Mccormack, Dom Duff and the spirit of the Olympics!

Be ignited or be gone

-Mary Oliver

Life is about passion. It is inspiring to see people doing something again and again despite being ignored. There are those who do art because for them it is an outlet-or a sickness however you want to see it 😀


Today, CMF highlight’s the talent of bouzouki player Eamon Doorley. Those who own records of Danu and Julie Fowlis already recognize his name in liner notes. His sound is warm, luminous with the delicate playing style that is his own.

Hearing him play is like listening to a pouring water.  Eamon Doorley and Julie Fowlis had little Aoibhe born on Christmas eve last 2009. 2012 is a good year for the couple. After taking part in the big  animation The Brave, they are back on stage for more musical performances.

More of his bouzouki here: http://www.myspace.com/eamondoorley

Here is a video by Julie Fowlis. The song was used in the movie The Brave. This time, Eamon Doorley gave his bouzouki a rest in favour of a guitar.


New album by Manau

Fans of Celtic rap artist Martial Tricoche who created  Manau have the reason to celebrate. This year is the release of the new album Panique Celtique. It has been a while since the release of their last album that spawned the hit La Tribu de Dana. That song features a sampling of Tri Martolod by Breton harpist Alan Stivell.

The video of the carrier single La Rumeur  is medieval by design, inspired by the burning of heretics. The new video  is a follow up single called  Le curé et les loups  is now available for viewing. I don’t know if it is just me or the theme of the video La Rumeur borders on S&M?!! Anyway I am glad the Breton rapper is back. It has been years and he is surely missed by fans.

More here: http://www.manauofficiel.com/


Today in pictures

Happy Birthday Jeremy King of Poitin. May you have more birthdays to come. May you always touch listeners with your music and also inspire young bands to do more and be the best. Slainte!

Listen to The Congress Reel by Poitín


Flashback: The Levellers

Remember the good old 90’s and this band? We are back to Doc Martens and of course the Celtic folk/rock band  The Levellers. I think I got into their sound at the same time I got into The Paperboys. Back then, Celtic rock was new to me- having been exposed to New Age  music and traditional folk. Great tune. Nice memories.


Dead Can Dance Are Back!

Dead Can Dance isn’t exclusively Celtic, but they blend Celtic elements to their Gothic/Medieval inspired World Music. I bought my first DCD  album on cassette tape in the early 90’s following Everybody Else is Doing it So Why Can’t We by Cranberries and Banba by Clannad. What can I say? The early 90’s was cool for Irish music and everything unique. After listening to insipid and forgettable music of my high school years, college was an exciting stage in everything  musical.  Dead Can Dance made a huge wave in my musical taste.  How can one forget the haunting quality of Lisa Gerrard’s vocals as she delivered”The Wind that Shakes the Barley”? I think Brendan Perry’s “I Am Stretched on Your Grave “ is still my favorite Halloween music.

I really jumped with joy when I heard that they are now touring and has released a new album called  Anastasis  after 16 years! Wow 16 years. A child born after The Spirit Chaser would already have relationship issues by now! Or a dog would be so old it would have passed away by this time. 16 years….Did you know that they have a track available for free download? All you need to do is  sign up for their newsletter through their official website.

Tracklisting for Anastasis
01 – Children Of The Sun
02 – Anabasis
03 – Agape
04 – Amnesia
05 – Kiko
06 – Opium
07 – Return Of The She-King
08 – All In Good Time

More news here: http://deadcandance.com/



Fresh Tunes from Dublin Rocker Rachael Maccormack

 “I can think as far back as 6yrs of age when I’d be tugging at my mams jumper saying I want a guitar, or I’d make one out of a shoe box and shoe laces hahahaha. So Dublin to me is one big song with many choruses. Let’s face it, us Irish know how to party, so adding the music element is like water from a tap: It comes naturally I guess,we’re a nation of storytellers and the songs are there to guide us along the way”.

Taken from her essay Welcome to the Musical Dublin

You can listen to new tunes by Rachael Mccormack here http://breakingtunes.com/rachaelmccormack


Influential Breton Rocker Dom Duff

Checking what our pal is up to lately.


The Spirit of Olympics!

Now the link isn’t about Celtic music but it has been getting a lot of shares from my network. . Hmmm  you be the judge who wins XD  http://thefw.com/olympic-diving-funny-faces/


The Celtic Music Fan mourns for the passing away of someone close to a dear friend. He is flying to Scotland  for the funeral of his  grandmother. He helped me make this site what it is now. My heart goes to him and his family.


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