Flutist Brendan Mulholland Creates a (Sound) Wave

Plus: Celtic inspired Goth band BKR, Soundtrack for the ships, Sliotar pictures, Flutatious 2nd album, free mp3 download, artist sampler Philip Knight and the joy of music!

It it fascinating how much we can learn from our history. It is also surprising to learn how much we have departed from our old selves given a year or two. Sometimes, we lost the original cadence of our words that made people listen to us. Like natural elements, people around us,the things we read and the things we do-or LIFE itself- can have huge impact on how we present ourselves to the world. I was reading my old articles and marveled at the things I stop doing. There are no longer those highlighted words or links attached to words that make reading colorful. No wonder I bore myself easily haha. So on with the news:

Brendan Mulholland  Creates a Super Impression

The name  Brendan Mulholland has cropped everywhere especially in traditional sessions. It is no wonder why he gets a lot of gigs. His energetic flute playing is one of the finest. His style appeals to both young and old. I think his simple/minimalist approach in  recording makes him stand out from the rest. An electrician by day and a full-time musician by night, it amazes me to think that he is also a dad! 

Fox in the Town Set with its pattering notes creates an impression of drizzle. The Dregs of Birch has that head swaying melody that is filled with summer sweetness. His works are all great tracks that make his playing unforgettable. My druid is getting impatient to hear his new album Jean’s Hill (2012). I will do a track by track review when I have it and I promise you readers, he will be our featured artist!




BKR – Gothic Music Celtic Folklore

They have been getting attention in the web lately as: A fusion of Gothic music with Celtic folklore. Hmmm.. so far I have no direct reference for the band except the name BKR. I don’t even know what that stands for. Do you know? Would you care to share with us what you know?


Today in pictures..

Sliotar:Keltska noc 2012

More here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150978891303977.414037.43074838976&type=3

Photos by Lucie Vysloužilová


Three ships  are arriving in Nova Scotia and how Layne got entangled with the Ceilidh

Noon in the Philippines means might time in Nova Scotia. I popped Layne a conversation. He was busy the whole week because there will be three ships arriving tomorrow. The town has a huge ship that stays docked the whole year round. He is excited about this event. I thought I’d go ahead and recommend a soundtrack for the event. So I gave a link to that Enya video up there. I said it is a good

A replica of the ship Hector which arrived in Pictou in 1773 carrying settlers from Scotland – the Mayflower of Pictou County. It sits next to the Hector Heritage Quay Museum. From http://www.novascotiaphotoalbum.com

soundtrack for the event. He said he will sneak to the sound booth and blast it through the PA. He said  that’d be awesome. Lately he has made himself into the circle in the DeCoste Centre where he worked as part of his summer job. I said he is da mafia man of music now. As for the sound guy he is friends with:

“Super nice/smart guy, really knows his stuff. I’m learning a lot about live mixing from him. since I’m interested, he’s letting me work the board more than he usually lets the summer students.”

“I got to mix a ceilidh last night with a piano, 2 guitars and 2 fiddles. plus 3 vocals, it was really fun.”

“Really? How did you end up with a ceilidh”? I asked.

” We do a ceilidh every week for 3 nights, its really fun”.

“Wow well if you get mixed up with the ceilidh again tell me about it so I can write something about it.”


Album review

Flutatious 2
Track List
1.Wendel The Witch
5.Springtime on the Hill
6.Somewhere’s near to Nowhere
7.Haste ye Back
8.Morning Star
9.Drunken Drummer
10.The River of Ae

This album took me more than 10 listens before I decided to post a review. There are things we ignore about a song( or an entire album) with just few listens. Flutatious is a band that is both complex and minimalist in its approach sound recording.

Headsets or speakers, the slick production qualities are notable. This is a further step from their debut album. The style becomes well-defined. It seems that the band deepens whatever kind they based their influence in this album, composed of 10 songs.

Tracks like Wendel The Witch  and Consumption  come out with adventurous sonic blows that really defines the band’s eclectic style. There are slow tunes like Haste ye Back and River of Ae that nod on their New Age roots but tracks like Dragonfly and Drunken Drummer clearly define their Celtic heritage.

I recommend that you should NEVER skip a track when you listen to an album because it is like a journey. Every track tells you a story or a piece of a puzzle that completes the whole mystery which is the album. I prefer albums as opposed to singles.

An album is like a cathedral. Every track contributes to its architecture. What I see in Flutatious 2 is a great body of work. I can’t wait for the next album!


Music sampler


Artist sampler Philip Knight

1. Men Selevan (St Levan’s Stone) 00:00
2. Tamsin (Tamsin) 03:35
3. Maria Wynn a Gernow (Blessed Mary of Cornwall) 06:46
4. Dhe Vlamya yw Hi (She is to Blame) 10:43
5. Karoryon Porthgwartha (The Lovers of Porthgwarra) 13:49
6. Dehwelyans an Marner (The Sailor’s Return) 18:50
7. Myrgh an Mor (Daughter of the Sea) 22:59
8. Kyns ty dhe vos (Before You Go) 26:56
9. Spyrys agan Tir (The Spirit of our Land) 31:14

For bilingual lyrics and more information about the artist, go to http://www.magakernow.org.uk/idoc.ashx?docid=7dfc15fd-948b-4826-bd3c-32c55c7a…

All songs written and performed by Philip Knight

Produced, arranged, engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Knight-Malciak http://www.paulknightmusic.co.uk

Recording generously funded by MAGA http://www.magakernow.org.uk

To purchase the CD album, mp3s, and lyrics booklet go to http://www.kesson.com


2 thoughts on “Flutist Brendan Mulholland Creates a (Sound) Wave

  1. Hi Baxter 🙂
    BKR isn’t the name of the group, I think that is just a news station.
    I recognize this from what my friends have been listening to, it’s a Mexican goth metal group, ANABANTHA and the song is Nocturna 🙂


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