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They love the Celtic edge of things. 

The mandolin of Joe Khoury is one of the best sounds you hear in Molly Ramone. They are from Nashville TN  playing a combination of traditional and original tracks. I think a  lot of interesting Celtic musicians are found in Nashville. Do you remember the Chieftains once held a concertover there and released it as Down the Old Plank Road? It is still one of my favorite DVD releases. There are ballads and Celtic rock songs in Molly Ramone’s live shows. Lead vocalist Mark Harriman has a versatile voice. He can sing really softly and belt out tunes with such terrific range. Skins man Dave Harrison maintains the nice beats, while grooves man Bruce Wallace has it going all the time.

Molly Malone is a feel good American Celtic rock band with a lead vocalist based in the UK.

Follow them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Molly-Ramone-Band-Page

Band merchandise can be found here: http://mollyramone.com/Merchandise.html