What Happened to the Website?

Some of you might be asking what happened. Why the sudden change in the design. Well folks, first, thank you for taking notice of the changes that happen here, and for  complimenting my fashion sense (@#$R%G!). I was thinking since summer is here, it is time to appreciate the warm colors of nature. A great Monday to you all. I am several hours ahead because I am in Asia. I want to urge you to take time to read the blog of this harpist by the name of Amy. I used some of her ideas in my Got Harp Blisters article. Apart form the great thoughts she has written, I love the header design.



6 thoughts on “What Happened to the Website?

    • Thanks Christi! I was actually having second thoughts yesterday while doing the design for the header (I had back pains trying to make sure that the header blends with the template). This was the hardest header to make!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Baxter! I updated the look of my blog earlier this winter – sometimes a freshening up is in order. I wanted my new header to reflect the “notes” in my life of writing and music. Glad you like it!


    • Thanks Amy. I think that contrast between the computer and the ‘traditional’ notes is really amazing. Clever! I think it reflects your innovative mind as well. It is always a pleasure to read about the tips you write about.


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