The Noriana Kennedy Trio: Dear My Maker (a live recording)

Noriana Kennedy: for anyone who likes, Trad, Folk, Bluegrass & Old Time Music. I find her style of singing very fresh. It is a nice video and music considering this is a live recording. I wish Noriana Kennedy more success in the future.

With Noriana Kennedy, Nicola Joyce & Noelie McDonnell
Written by Noriana Kennedy

You can view the rest of the info via youtube.



6 Replies to “The Noriana Kennedy Trio: Dear My Maker (a live recording)”

  1. This video is fabulous! Never heard of her, but she certainly has a way with a tune! The fun part is she sings where I can sing along!! This definitely a song for my car so I can sing with this lovely song!!


    1. Wow I didn’t know where my previous reply go but anyway I was saying that this kind of recording is clever. It was recorded live in one room with one mic! Now I also have an idea now about your vocal range 🙂


  2. Have you heard anything about when this lovely Galway girl will be putting out her CD that includes this fabulous song? I hit YouTube at least once a day to get a taste of this, and of course the others by her there. Thanks!


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