Cormac Breatnach with ‘Ceird An Cheoil’

The low whistle introduced me to the world of Celtic music.

Two instruments that introduced me to Celtic music : Low whistle and uilleann pipes. After that phase everything started happening and now I am here! Every now and then, I get recommendations from friends who are professional recording artists. They would tip me saying ‘ hey this is cool, listen to this track/video”.  Just to give you an idea that I am not the only one looking for something interesting out there.

Yesterday I had a great conversation with Jeff Ksiazek of áthas about doing an interview for this site. I thank my friend, the harpist/singer  Scott Hoye for the opportunity of not just meeting some of his friends but also for this amazing video.

Cormac Breatnach is an amazing low whistle player isn’t he? Hearing him speak in musical Gaelic made me regret about my slow progress with the language. Like I said low whistle is one of the instruments that introduced me to Celtic music. Listening to this track has its rewarding moments in term of nostalgia and the enjoyment of seeing someone play with such passion.

More about Cormac Breatnach here:


3 thoughts on “Cormac Breatnach with ‘Ceird An Cheoil’

  1. The low whistle can embody so many more pieces from both waltzes to high energy pieces. I love it but you don’t get to hear it often here in the States where they seem to like the penny or tin whistle more.


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