Sliotar and Poitín Session @ Zach’s Pub The Czech Republic

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What a hangover!!!

To fans in other countries, here are the videos and pictures from July 17 at Zach’s Pub. Just to give you the taste of what’s Celtic music like in the Czech Republic. Everyone had a great time. The guys were up until 4am playing great Celtic tunes. For musicians out there who are traveling to the Czech Republic, you now have an idea how fun it is to be a Celtic musician at this time. Cheers!

For those wondering where Zach’s Pub is, check this out:

Sliotar at Zach’s Pub Pilsen, Czech Republic on their Summer tour of Europe 2012
After 16 years, 5 albums and over 2000 concerts, Sliotar is an institution. It all started on Paddy’s day in The Porterhouse, Dublin in 1996 when three guys were asked to play music for the day. This led to a residency that is still going strong. Sliotar has toured Europe extensively and continues to do so on a regular basis. They have played in hundreds of venues, brought their mix of Irish folk music from Finland to Italy, from County Clare to Bratislava and everywhere in between.

After Sliotar’s gig at Zach’s Pub in Pilsen, Czech Republic Sliotar and Poitín got together for a bit of a session. Much fun was had by all.

All videos, pics and captions by Jeremy King.


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