An Derow: Cornish language songs with hints of other Celtic cultures

Genre: Cornish Folk Fusion

An Derow is a band made up of family and friends from Cornwall. The music is rooted in the tradition and atmosphere of the place. The style reflects the fusion of different influences that shaped the musical upbringing of each member. This makes An Derow hard to pigeonhole but has that undeniably Cornish style.

I really enjoyed the tracks because you can really feel the maritime breeze of the Cornish seaside. As a Celtic music lover, understanding the language is secondary to the beauty of the sound  that the language produces.

I think people who only listen to English songs because they can only understand English, fail to appreciate the musical value of the Celtic languages.They are missing out on other songs that they’d still appreciate because they sound beautiful.


Stuart MacQuarrie (bass)
Matthew Clarke (crowder crawn/voice/whistle)
Sue Aston (violin)
Dan Aston (guitar)
Phil Aston (guitar)

Find them in facebook:

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An Derow means “The Oak” or it can mean “The Beginning”. We sing mainly in Cornish and perform a Celtic/fusion style.

Just launched as of February 2012


Cornish language songs, up-tempo Cornish folk on voice and fiddle, with hints of other Celtic cultures, combined with electric bass grooves and electric guitars.


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