Naymedici : The Single Paddy McGee is Getting Good Raves!


This band is getting a lot of attention in the UK. The video off their single Paddy McGee  is also gaining viewers from all over (The single was released on 14th July) after its release. Naymedici (pronounced Nay-Med-Ee-Chee) fuses Balkan and Irish music seamlessly that it becomes an original sound. You better hear the drums somewhere around 1:34. It is just mind-blowing!

The band describe their music as: “A mix of Balkan and Irish music in a gypsy-folk style”. Because of the attention they are getting, would you believe that Irvine Welsh (author of Trainspotting, and Glue) even tweeted them saying “F**k yes! I like that one, Tony. These guys are on it.”

Members: Mike King (Vocals & Guitar) – Ronnie King (Drums) – Joshua McClurg (Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica) – Mike Hill (Bass) – Bob Goodman (Fast as Folk Fiddle)

Look for them in facebook:

The video debut and new single from Manchester’s Naymedici – Paddy McGee. Single availble now!
Video by Cosmic Joke
Post production by Gee Studios
Very special thanks to Fosshey Stables and St Matthews Church Stretton without whom none of this would be possible!


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