Dick Twinney – Cornwall’s Wildlife At Home Feat. Sue Aston

Cornish artist Dick Twinney is giving love back to nature with his wonderful wildlife artworks. You see his works in this video, featuring ‘The Home Coming’ by Cornish violinist Sue Aston. Enjoy the healing qualities of the music and enrich your soul with the colors of nature through the eyes and hand of Dick Twinney.

More from this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/cornishwildart


4 Replies to “Dick Twinney – Cornwall’s Wildlife At Home Feat. Sue Aston”

  1. Simply beautiful, Bax. Both the music and the artwork is so inspiring. We all need to stop and watch the bits of nature in our own world, and this is an inspiration to stop, look and listen to all around us.


    1. Hi Christi it is great to know you saw this. I had you in mind and I was thinking you’d love this because the sights and sounds are simply inspiring. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes I think we all need that. Nature is wonderful. And I admire what you do with your gardens. Celts are very close to the earth.


      1. Thank you so much for sharing this in your article. The birds and critters are such a lovely part of any garden and to set it to music just adds so much to the paintings.

        You are so right about my love of nature. My garden is part of the peace in my life. Seeing such lovely paintings with the music here took me right out amongst the plants again tonight. I was taking photos between the humming birds and a neighborhood Siamese cat stalking the mice in my little patch of earth. Totally lovely.


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