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It is a great Sunday morning to start the weekend with Australia’s own Trouble in the Kitchen. Their recordings simply bring the beauty of the Emerald Isle right to the Down Under. Fast or slow, the band exudes great atmosphere and beauty. There is  this warmth vibe  within each track, as exemplified by The Pleasure Palace and Road to Port Fairy. There are good vocals in songs like Four Pence a Day and Mill Towns. Great sound engineering washed all tracks. Gossamer sheen  and lush production technique predominate the amazing mastering. These are sound characteristic of bands like Grada and Cara.

If you are a fan of Nicklecreek, The Punch Brothers and Liadan then you will definitely warm up to Trouble in the Kitchen.

Fiddle – Adrian (Ado) Barker
Flute – Ben Stephenson
Guitar – Kate Burke
Bouzouki – Joe Ferguson