Poitin and Sliotar Zach’s Pub Gig!

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Two great Celtic bands are performing together. I have reviewed their excellent albums here. In terms of technique and stage presence, these guys are the best. Please don’t forget to watch them live together. I am talking about Poitin and Sliotar. They will be at Zach’s Pub, July 17,2012 Czech Republic! More info here: http://www.sliotarmusic.com/?page_id=10

Please don’t forget to read this amazing  review of Bofiguifluki from Celtic Music Magazine. http://celticmp3s.com/2012/bofiguifluki-by-poitin/


One Reply to “Poitin and Sliotar Zach’s Pub Gig!”

  1. Love Poitin and Sliotar!!! I’m always amazed that the Celtic sound, feel and heart can be present in bands that are from many different culture. It shows how easily various cultures can stay close to the music while imbuing the sound of who they are as well. Great new find for me!


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