Music is Therapy

His singing moved me to tears that I just lost it.

It is a somber day. I just finished breakfast and I listened to one of my CD collections. This song by Christy Moore came on. I had to drop everything . I can’t stop bawling like a baby. Something about the sentiment of the song hit me. It is a very sad song of Scottish origin. It took me sometime to recover and I thought I should write about it.

Writing is a good therapy. So is listening to music. There are emotions we refused to acknowledge so they stayed hidden. Not until one song unlocks them and everything is a catharsis. Sometimes the only friend we have until the end is music.  Songs help unravel our experiences within the chronology of our lives. They help us revisit the past and  we experience that old feeling. Music is precious. And musicians are also therapists that help us in the healing process.

I went through high school and college relying on the sustenance of my record collections. They kept me balanced and prevented me from doing drugs or getting into vices. In college, I had to set aside my allowance for clothes and shoes to buy albums. We do what we can to help each other. Friends are there but sometimes…just sometimes, people we care about can do damage even if they don’t mean to. It is just human nature I guess.

I remember the song Molly Ban which I also listened to a while ago. It has these lines:

Going home from her uncle in a shower of rain,

She crept under a green bush the rain for to shun.

Her white apron being around her he took her for a swan,

For he never intended to shoot his own Molly Ban.

O when he came to her and saw what he had done,

The tears from his eyes in great fountains did run.

Straight home to his father with a gun in his hand,

Saying “Father, dear father, I’ve shot Molly Ban.

“Her white apron being around her I took her for a swan,

In modern context, we can apply this story to words we say to one another. We might not have a gun like Molly Ban’s lover…but we have words. And words can wound..even kill.

I like this quote that my friend Christi once attached to her email signature:

Say little, and the little you say, say well.- Old Irish Saying


5 Replies to “Music is Therapy”

  1. Grand article…and you are so right – music can sooth or hurt. But for me even in the hurt it can heal. It is the one thing in life that man does, that even in the depths of Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can reach the soul of a person. Even only a few strains of a familiar song can bring recognition and smiles. It is truly a strong force in our lives.


    1. Thanks Christi. It is raining hard here as I am having my afternoon tea. I am on a reflective mood this week. This happens after a sabbatical and I want to do it again soon. As much as I want to write ‘tabloid style’ I realize that in order to express true sentiments one must bleed off part of himself. Like music, being real is also therapeutic.


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