The Celtic Spirit is Alive in São Paulo with Merrow


The word merrow or moruadh comes from the Irish muir (meaning sea) and oigh (meaning maid) and refers specifically to the female of the species. Mermen – the merrows male counterparts – have been rarely seen. They have been described as exceptionally ugly and scaled, with pig-like features and long, pointed teeth. Merrows themselves are extremely beautiful and are promiscuous in their relations with mortals.

-From Irish Fairies


I am glad I stayed home tonight and did my usual ‘research’. Just to let you in on my secret, I have over 2000 bands/artists in my data base and I only explored around 5% of them. I want my site to be like a directory of Celtic artists around the world. This will help bands who want to jam with other artists when they travel. This will benefit listeners to hear things they don’t usually get on their platter. Yes I want to be the only one who does this!

Let me tell you about this wonderful band from Sao Paolo Brazil. You might think that Brazil is all about Bossa Nova and Jazz. Well, after writing about Athy the blue harper, I realized that Celtic music is more prominent in South America more than ever.Think of Merrow as The Corrs meets Alanis Morissette with a bit of Goth fashion, which I dig by the way. There are two contrasting female voices here. One which is high and perky, the other one, is a lush contralto. The fiddle is the defining sound coupled with the band’s preference for hooks and catchy melodies. With more albums and production backing, this band will really win more fans.

I don’t have more information about the band but if you know them please step forward.     



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