Celtic Music Is Freedom : A New Celtic CD by Marc Gunn

March Gunn is one of the influential people who inspired me to start my music review site. For me,the musical culture I am writing for is always spiritually and aesthetically enriching. I think there is good to be said about an artist who not only performs but also brings back something to the community.

Like the title of his new album Celtic Music is Freedom, he has always excelled in his path as an independent artist. It would be however unfair to praise his marketing skills and not mention his musical assets. His autoharp is always great to listen to. His bluesy strong vocals are  engage the listeners to stop whatever they are doing and listen to his tails of heroism, the human condition and comedic stuff.

Songs like Drunken Sailor, A Well-Dressed Hobbit and Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk among others will keep you tapping your foot and snickering with Marc’s brand of humour.

You can listen to his music through this link.


More info about the album can be found here: http://marcgunn.com/projects/celtic-music-is-freedom-new-album-by-marc-gunn/


What Marc Gunn  says about the album:

Celtic Music Is Freedom : A New Celtic CD by Marc Gunn


It was January 2011 when I drove up to Kentucky, found a cabin in the woods, and started recording a whole bunch of Celtic songs. I had several CDs I wanted to release: Scottish Songs of Drinking and Rebellion, the next Cat Companion CD, another Irish drinking songs CD and who knows what else. My goal was to just record.

I had over dozens of songs halfway completed when I left. Autoharp and vocals were done. All I needed was to decide if I wanted to add additional instrumentation. Seven months later, I released “Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits”. The first album from that recording session.

I could probably compile five more albums from that session, but I don’t have the time or money. I’ve barely touch the home studio since that week in January. Yet, I REALLY want to share this music.

A couple months back, I sent a couple tracks to my friend Daniel Briggs. Daniel helped record on “Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits”. I asked him to record a simple guitar, maybe some bass, and some background vocals. That’s the same arrangement I had for the first Cat Companion CD. He agreed.

The first track he recorded was “A Drop of Nelson’s Blood”. It was awesome! He had his whole band–Dogs in Doublets–record on the track. It had this fun, old-timey feel. You can hear it on my website.




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