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This Dracula Video has creepy effect. But I am a Bela Lugosi fan so this is heaven!

208 Talks of Angels are consist of Russian members who are influenced by different styles of music. You can hear Classical, Ethnic as well as Ambient influences in their music. They are still in the in the process of recording demos and getting the music all over the internet. Here is an interesting info from their website to quote: Musicians themselves define their music as III – independent individual intellectual. For other people it may sound like the symbiosis of Classics, Industrial, Ballad, Ethnic, Progressive, Electronic, Break Beat, Ambient and many others.

Band members:

1.Anthony Fadeyev – guitar, vocals, effects, composition, programming, sampling;

2.Vilena Karklinya – vocals, manager.

3.Vladimir Romanchenko – bass, sampling, effects.


Here is one song with great vocals and bagpipes.