Debut Album by Flutatious Has the Bounce!


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I have my different Celtic “soundtracks” of the day. I listen to New Agey stuff after waking up , usually when the sun hasn’t risen yet. In the middle of the day, there’s the Celtic Rock and other ‘lively’ albums. In the afternoon it is usually traditional stuff. In the evening that’s when the urban chill out albums come. At this time, I give way to the dancy electronic types of Celtic music. One included in my regular playlist is from the UK based group Flutatious which I wrote about before.


Their self-titled debut album is a joy to listen to. I like dancing and this is the type of music that has that bounce. This is best played with big speakers emanating deep bass and lush midrange. What I like about the production is the emphasis on balance between the midrange sounds and the bouncy, floor shaking lows. The wispy highs are also crisp.


Things that I noticed about this album are:

  1. Chanty choruses injected in some tracks are fabulous. But the emphasis is not so much given to them as in the case of bands like  Ceredwen or Clannad. Often times these effects are done when the track really needs it.
  2. The traditional aspect of the album is geared towards the Welsh and Cornish type of flavour. There are Scottish and Irish jig styles that you can hear once in a while.
  3. The jazzy keyboards make this album appealing both to lovers and non lovers of Celtic music. I bet this will also sell well in the London club scene as in the case of loops and electronic effects that are hip.
  4. The band doesn’t repeat their styles in every track. It can be a good or sad thing depending on your point of view. Tracks like Spacechick, Venus, Morag’s Dance and Road to Skye are so addictive you want another version of the same sound.  

With all these in mind, I think the debut album by Flutatious deserve more spin in your player.

Thanks to Bill Forwell for the taste of this great sonic juice!



2 thoughts on “Debut Album by Flutatious Has the Bounce!

  1. We had Flutatious at the Raglan Music Festival last year. They had such an intoxicating sound and a great light show. Superbly accomplished flute, fiddle, guitar and keyboards over a rock solid rhythm section. Very modest, friendly people, too. And that helps . . . a lot!


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