Beannacht and the Sound of Summer

Their debut CD, “Gra na Firinne” was released in November 2011.

As summer approaches, more and more Celtic bands are putting out albums that have that feel of white sandy beaches and bonfires. I can cite Beannacht as an example. The duo of Tom Johnston and Dierdre Forrest show that carefree simplicity. The tracks in the album are arranged in a way suited for few instruments. There are other instruments that embellish this silky project but mostly, the focus of Gran a Firinne is to project that languid poetic style reminiscent of Christy Moore and Luka Bloom.  Margarita, sunset and the music of Beannacht. Sounds like a perfect combination. Aloha! Summer is here.

Notable tracks: Upon Your Ocean, Why’d You Go, And I Love and many more.

Brian  Ostering captures the silky sound which borders on the wispy yet making sure to add that warm touch especially on middle frequencies. Great mastering by George Wirth. Sounds like this album is great both in artistic and technical aspect.

Thanks to Anita Daly for the taste of the music 🙂


Writing great songs, playing great shows, supporting venues and fellow musicians.


Beannacht was named one of the Top Irish Music Makers of 2011 and Rookie of the Year by Mike Farragher and the Irish Voice!

Beannacht was named Best New Act at the 2011 Jersey Acoustic Music Awards in Asbury Park, NJ!

Beannacht is the musical duo of guitarist/singer/songwriter Thomas Johnston and his niece, lead vocalist and lyricist Deirdre Forrest. Both musicians are heavily influenced by nearly all genres of music and especially enjoy being able to share their Irish culture through their music. Beannacht is a famous poem by Celtic writer and spiritualist John O’Donohughe and the word beannacht translates to “blessing” in the Irish form of the Gaelic language.


An acoustic duo creating original songs that are a blend of contemporary Irish, classic rock, folk, and blues. Their debut CD, “Gra na Firinne” was released in November 2011.


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