Kinfolk: Catchy Folk/Celtic Songs.

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Kinfolk: Beautiful songs distilled by grace and beauty.

After a period of hermitage, I finally went out with friends for a cuppa iced creamy coffee. It was raining! It took me a while to get adjusted to the commotion. It was a fun afternoon. I picked up groceries on my way home and now I am here in front of the computer. I am listening to Kinfolk. They are a duo based in the UK.

You know, energetic and catchy songs will always win. All the samples I heard off their myspace page are all exceptional. I passed this link to my friend Jimmy and he agreed. They make amazing music. A new album is out soon. When I get a copy, I will do a track by track review.

I recommend their song Donegal as the most catchy and fun of all the tracks yet  It sounds unfair to say that one song is better than the rest. Their songwriting styles are what I would call as distilled.  It is like watching images from your wineglass.  By the time I reached the song Thingamajig, these  guys already won me over. Vocally and instrumentally they are excellent.

I want to say big thanks to Gerry Power for stepping forward to bring the good tune.


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