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I invite all Celtic musicians  from around the world to jam with The Cherry Cokes when they go to Osaka, Japan. I can describe the band’s sound as energetic, oftentimes  melodic and always gorgeously stylish.  You can get info from their website but it is in Japanese and Google translate doesn’t help much. I will have to ask a friend who is fluent Japanese speaker soon.Their new album Black Revenge is out.

Now I am going to talk about this video called Rascal Trail. I would have preferred it in colored though because I think they have chosen a great spot to shoot. I have to say, I like the accordion player because she really hammed it up there. Everyone performed in an  exceptional manner here. I think the rain was a cool addition. It must have been a cold shoot. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This discovery is very interesting. I will have to look for more Japanese Celtic bands!


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