Cumbria Cardboard Harp Project

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I have been visiting the page of this wonderful project called the Cumbria Cardboard Harp Project by musician Mary Dunsford. I owe this discovery to my friend Scott Hoye who is a recording artist. He posted this in Celtic Harp (  for everyone to see.

This workshop teaches  beginners how to play using cardboard lap harps,  making the once challenging instrument more accessible. I think this is amazing! Everyone can do it. It simply makes this instrument less intimidating for people who think harps are difficult to learn.

Mary Dunsford  is a harp teacher, professional musician and passionate ambassador to the harp. She  has been teaching harp for a decade already, resulting to a publication of an instructional harp book  for adult beginners.  It isn’t too late to learn new things and this is what she has been teaching everyone.
If you are curious, please go ahead and like the Cumbria Cardboard Harp Project in facebook. You might find yourself a part of her workshop and really enjoy life and music to the fullest!

Now when you become an expert, you might want to join this :


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