The Maggie Whackers

French band doing Celtic music whacks your belly with  humor.

Great! Here is a French band here playing Celtic music. They are Fun. Well, they take their music seriously though. You can tell by listening to sample tracks off their MySpace site. I checked their website. I went to their photo gallery. There is this one picture where the piper stuffed all the whistles and flutes in his right pocket. The fiddler looks a bit like a Goth chic minus the angst.

What about the music? It is anything you’d expect from a Celtic rock band. But you have to think of something a little but edgy like for comparison. Think of the Pogues and Horslips. I do know bands that are comfortable to jam with them in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.  It is just a matter of time. I recommend that you give them a listen if you are in the mood for some Celtic rock-if you find the slurring make vocals with French accent your kind of thing.

The played last June 22 in the recent Fête de la musique  in Talmont Saint Hilaire .



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