Flutatious and Floating Beats.

The sound drug: Flutatious.

I was trying to think very hard if  Flutatious belongs here or in my other blog devoted to Indie  folk/rock/dance-general music. After listening again and again, I decide to post it here for several reasons:

1. It is so pleasant to hear that it really fits here.

2. I know  a lot of people who follow this blog have eclectic tastes.

3. They have this folk side with electronic frills.

With all these things said, I will now let you hear Flutatious. I got hooked after 2 songs. Think what this UK-based band will do with an entire album 🙂





Band member Ben Forwell recommended this link below. I think the video describes what the band’s music is about.

FLUTATIOUS came together after an inspiring trip to the Isle of Skye. The scenery and relaxed vibe inspired Michelle, Bill, Andy and Stella to put a new band together.

Michelle, Stella, Andy, Bill, William and the Colonel in Skye.
Malcolm came in on drums and then the band met the talented Mr Williams and were immediately knocked out with his jazzy vibes. 2008 saw the band finish their self-produced first album which has been selling out at every gig and was named as ‘demo of the week’ on Celtic Music Radio as well as receiving countless plays here and abroad on internet stations.
The band also had the pleasure of playing Small World, Eden, Cornbury, Hawkfest, Solfest and Weyfest and are playing to ever increasing audiences in their native northwest London.


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